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Fruit & Matsuri in Tokyo 2007/9/4 00:20
Tokyo 23-ku
Thanks everyone for your continued help!
I have a few more questions

1) I saw that travelers checks get better rates than straight money at the exchange counters at Narita. Would you folks recommend exchanging US Dollar travelers checks or the Yen version of those travelers checks? (I didn't realize you could get them in both denominations)

2) How expensive is US common (apples, bananas) fruit in Japan? (my usual breakfast)
(I remember melons being pricey...)

3) Does anything else happen on Shubun no hi (Autumn Equinox on 23rd) other than families visiting graves? And is there anything closed since it's a national holiday?

4) Anyone been to the Fukuro Matsuri in Ikebukuro before?
(Another 23rd-24th of September thang...)

(2 1/2 weeks to go!)

by Tanny J  

TC's and fruit 2007/9/4 09:43
I can answer the first two of your questions. I think in most places in the world, travelers cheques enjoy a better rate of exchange. I'm a little confused in your case since if you want to buy yen travelers cheques in the US (your second option), the exchange rate of that day will be used at the bank. The US dollar travelers cheques will be exchanged at the rate of the day in Japan when you exchange it. When I first came here, I just took Canadian dollar TC's and that served me fine. I'm sure the yen ones are good too but I just can't see the difference between carrying around yen TC's and cold hard Japanese cash. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but they are essentially the same aren't they?

Fruit are very expensive here, especially apples. They actually charge more/less depending on the size of the fruit, anywhere from 100 yen to 500 (?) or more yen for a single apple. Either way, it's expensive. Bananas, on the other hand, if you buy in a small bunch, can be bought for something like 4 for 100-200 yen and I think that's a lot more reasonable. 100 yen is about $0.85 US.
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... 2007/9/4 14:29
Though not on 23rd, September 25th is CHUUSHUU NO MEIGETSU (full-moon viewing day). Moon-viewing events take place in shrines, temples and gardens.

SANKEIYEN in Yokohama has KANGETSUKAI (full-moon viewing) from Sep 24th to 26th. Temple buildings are lit up while music is played.

Also, on Sep 25th, CHUUSHUU KANGENSAI (music festival on the full-moon day) is held at HIE shrine in Tokyo. Traditional music and dance is played. (3000 yen/per person)
pictures : http://www.hiejinja.net/jinja/hie/gyoji/kangen/index.html
Hie Shrine : http://www.hiejinja.net/jinja/english/index.html
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