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Narita airport to Ikebukuro 2007/9/4 00:30
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi, I wish to know if there is any direct train service from Narita airport to Ikebukuro? And what are the costs? As I would prefer not having to change trains at all. Thanks in advance for answering my question.
by Jenn  

> 2007/9/4 09:36
Take a Narita Express train. It costs 2,910 yen.
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. 2007/9/4 10:01
Yes there are direct trains, but not all trains stop at Ikebukuro. Another alternative you have is the the Airport Limousine bus, an option if you are staying at a major hotel the bus stops at (or if you do not wish to pull around a lot of luggage through a major train station).

I recommend Suica & Nex for 3500yen if you did decide to ride the NEX:

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Not direct, but close... 2007/9/4 13:02
Hi Jenn San,
I am sorry you will not find a direct service to Ikebukuro from Narita that I know of, but I may be able to suggest maybe the next best option.
You can take a Keisei line train direct from Narita to Nippori station and then transfer directly to Ikebukuro on a Yamanote line train.
The Keisei station is at the bottom floor of Narita airport, you can choose the express train which stops only at Narita town and Nippori near the end of the line and Ueno. The cost is Y1,900 to Ueno/Nippori and take 51 minutes.it is mosty used by tourists and less of a hassle.
The normal train runs the same route but takes 71 minutes at Y1,000and makes every stop. It may be crowded at times.
At Nippori you can change to the Yamanote line and get a train to Ikebukuro. I think all stops on the Yamanote are only Y160. Ikebukuro is 6 stops from Nippori if you go 'north'and Yamanote trains pass every few minutes. More and more sighns are in english so getting on the right direction should be easy. I went to Japan in May and rode the same route you are asking about, if it helps.
best wishes! MP

6 stops,yamanote nippori
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. 2007/9/4 13:04
I am sorry you will not find a direct service to Ikebukuro from Narita that I know of,

Mart, there is a direct route, in fact 2 different direct ways already mentioned.
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Narita to Ikebukuro 2007/9/4 13:09

Maybe you mean well, but why do you go to all the effort of writing misleading and incorrect information when the correct information (JR Narita Express or Airport Limousine Bus) has already been provided by earlier posters and is readily available on both this site and many other places on the net?
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if you actually searched.... 2007/9/4 15:30
either use the ever useful hyperdia to find out the trains that are available at around your flight arrival.

or check out http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2027.html
select to/from ikebukuro station

I would say the cheapest way is via Keisei Ltd Express and switching to yamanote at ueno
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Ikebukuro to Narita 2007/9/16 22:13
My flight is at 9.45am, it is safe for me to leave from House Ikebukuro at 6am to catch the first train (6.35am) frm Nippori using the Skyliner? I understand that the travelling time is 51mins.
How long is the journey from Ikebukuro to Nippori?

Thanx in advance
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... 2007/9/16 23:04
Be prepared to spend one and a half hour counting from the moment you leave House Ikebukuro until you arrive at Narita.
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ikebukuro to narita 2007/9/17 00:02
Thanx TW,

Ok i will make sure i will be out from House Ikebukuro latest by 6am.
Whats the earliest train from Ikebukuro to Nippori? Is there anyway i can check the timetable of the train schedule.
We have to change train from Yamanote Nippori station to Keisei Nippori station?, is it far? How long do we need to walk?Or the 1.5hr is inclusive of this?

Sorry for asking so many questions, just worried that we may missed the flight.

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