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winter clothes 2007/9/4 01:54
Hi, i will be visiting sapporo in december. I am not planning on bring too many winter stuff there 'cos they are expensive where i came from. Is there a factory outlet place in sapporo that i can buy cheap but good winter jackets. shoes for walking in snow?
by mavis  

Minami-Chitose 2007/9/4 09:38
I'm by far no expert as I only TRAVELED there, but when I did, I remember passing by a very large outlet mall near Minami-Chitose station near Sapporo's Shin-Chitose airport called RERA. You should be able to find what you need there.
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winter shopping 2007/9/4 15:30
I too would like to stock up on extra winter stuffs come early February (Is that the time for winter sale?)

I'll be heading to Tokyo and would like to source for nice and affordable winter parkas, snow boots and the likes. Where and when can I find bargains in Tokyo?
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Outlet Malls around Tokyo 2007/9/4 15:38
Do you want more outlet malls? The winter sales usually begin on January 2 and go through to the end of the month I think. Outlet malls, however, are just good old cheap year round, but I think they also have sales and I believe they tend to have them just after the normal stores have their sales. That means you should be in for a good time come February!

The outlet malls I can think of in the Tokyo area include Yokohama Bayside Marina (take the Kanazawa Seaside Line from JR Shin-Sugita Station, it's a ways away from Tokyo but it's my favorite one), Grandberry Mall (Minami-Machida Stn on the Tokyu Den-en-Toshi Line, going away from Shibuya), and La Fete Tama (Minami-Osawa Station on the Keio Line somewhere to the west of Shinjuku). There are a few other outlet malls in the eastern areas, including one in Makuhari, Chiba...forgot the name though.
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winter shopping 2007/9/4 16:01
It need not be an outlet mall (since most should be further out of the city?). I should be nearer to east Tokyo on the first couple of days there. I may drop by Shinjuku but would prefer somewhere in the eastern areas.
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Ueno 2007/9/5 00:27
Then how about Ueno's Ameyokocho market? That place sells pretty much everything at sometimes reasonable prices!
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that'll be good! 2007/9/5 11:59
Does Ameyoko has winter clothes and accessories too? If the quality is decent, this will be a great place since I have yet to go to this 'market' in my previous trips.
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Kanda 2007/9/5 12:36
If you go to Ogawamachi (Sports store are of Kanda district) of Tokyo, you will find VERY cheap, name brand ski jackets there. There is a store called "Kanda Cheap", which is an outlet store for London Sports. You can find top quality ski jackets from around 5000yen. (up stairs)
It's located in Yasakuni Dori (southern side), about 30-40m west of Hongo Dori.

You can catch the subway there, and get off at Ogawamachi.
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not sure 2007/9/5 12:39
If you mean thick winter jackets and stuff like that, I really don't know. But Ameyoko in my experience has a LOT of stuff. There's all the fashion stuff that the teens would like, a lot of US-imported clothing, lots of foods/fresh fish & fruit, and I guess this might help you out, a lot of sportswear shops so they might have some good winter wear. Can't answer your question for sure though.
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