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Aki Hoshino 2007/9/4 02:24
I had one or two queries about amazing J-Idol Aki Hoshino.

1. How is she viewed in Japan, how popular/famous is she?

2. Are there any websites where people in Britain can be her DVD's/photos?

3. Is there a management address where you can write to Aki to request an autograph?
by Hoshinofan  

They love her! 2007/10/7 01:57
Aki is super popular in Japan, with both men and women alike. They even do stuff like make t-shirts with her: http://kikstyoshop.com/product_info.php?currency=&manufactur...
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agent 2007/10/7 14:05

The following is the official website of Aki Hoshino's agent. It's in Japanese, but click "Contact Us" and you will get an email format. I'm not sure how much English they understand, but try to make it short, simple and basic and you might get some answers to your questions.

Aki Hoshino was originally a fashion model for teenage girls' magazines, but after a long slump came back in her late 20s as the "oldest sexy photogravure idol". There were lots of debates on whether her breats are fake or not, and I think that the general view of the locals is that the way she accepts all that and boldly and brightly sells her sex appeal is what makes her attractive as she performs on almost every variety show you can get on TV here.
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Buying DVDs 2008/1/13 01:43
Thanks for the feedback. If I wanted to buy a DVD or photobook of hers in Japan, what kind of store would have it? Just Akihabara type stores or more general places?
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