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How much time is needed for Ogimachi? 2007/9/4 07:56
Should I spend the afternoon and night in Takayama and the following day in Ogimachi? Or should I skip Takayama and spend the night and following day in Ogimachi? I have until 3:30pm in Ogimachi.
by Karen  

ogimachi vs. Takayama 2007/9/4 10:55
I don't know how early you get to Ogimachi but if it were me, I'd spend the night in Takayama, which is much bigger, and then spend the day (or half-day) in Ogimachi, which is beautiful, but small...once you walk around and say, 'oh, it's lovely', well, you're done. There is a museum there, of course, and souvenir shops and soba houses, but it's essentially a small scenic village.

Takayama is much more interesting for an overnight, I think. Both places are very atmospheric at night, but Takayama also has more izakaya and restaurants, plus during the afternoon there's more to see. I think you could spend the night in Takayama, go to Ogimachi the next day, and though that's a very quick trip, still I think it's a good combination.
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Ogimachi Takayama 2007/9/4 11:21
Thank you for answering. Is it easy to find your way around Takayama and see the sights in about 3 hrs? We will get there around 2pm and the museums etc. close at 5pm. I'm guessing the restaurants stay open later. The next day we will leave early to spend the day in Ogimachi.
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... 2007/9/5 08:22
Ogimachi can be seen in half a day. Staying at one of the old farmhouses overnight is a wonderful experience.

As for Takayama, I recommend to stay at least 24 hours to be able to see the main sights.
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Staying in Ogimachi 2007/9/16 00:53
We decided to stay the night in Ogimachi. I doubt that we will have time to see anything in Takayama since we will want to get to our minshuku in time for dinner. Next time, Takayama and Kanazawa and all the other places I'm going to miss this time! Thank you!
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Takayama so much to see? 2007/9/16 08:45
I am going to Takayama (daytrip) from Nagoya. Plus, I want to stop over in Gero for a foot bath.

I did not know there is so much to see in Takayama???? I plan to take the richshaw so I don't have to walk to much. Is ther more to see in addition to the richshaw tour?
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... 2007/9/16 13:54
There is quite a lot to see in Takayama:

A visit to the old town and the open air museum alone can easily take a full day, although it depends on travel pace.
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