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Please critique this trip: 2007/9/4 09:03
Osaka City
Several freinds and I are going to Osaka for a couple of days in November, and this is mostly be a shopping trip for us, so does this look okay? Or too slow-paced?

Day 1. Arrive at airport
Day 2. Umeda and Nanba
Day 3. Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori

This is it so far. I want to fit in the Kuromon market in it somewhere, so how long would a trip there take? Like the whole morning?

Just how long can one stay at these places? Like, can they last all day?

And also, for the trip there, are the places close enough with each other that they can be travelled in the same day? Or should I rearrange them?

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push 2007/9/6 14:46
Somebody please advise me.
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japan 2007/9/6 15:11
you cant last all day any where in japan. well peace and quite in a mountain trail some where
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... 2007/9/6 15:22
First of All, Dotonbori is acutually a name of a cannal between Shinsaibashi area and Namba area. So you should rather consider Dotonbori is a district(or street) sandwiched between Shinsaibashi and Namba areas.

I would recommend:
Day 1. Arrive at airport
Day 2. Umeda and Shinsaibashi
Day 3. Dotonbori, Namba & Kuromon market


Day 1. Arrive at airport
Day 2(in the morning). Umeda
Day 2(in the afternoon). Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori and Kuromon market
Day 2(in the evening). Namba
Day 3. shopping at your favorite place or other thing

or it might be better for you to check other shopping areas/streets in Osaka
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shopping in Osaka 2007/9/6 16:12
please check Osaka: www.tourism.city.osaka.jp/en/
look especialy for the pages oon shopping

In Kita-Umeda alone there are 3 department stores on the main square: Hankyu, Hanshin and Daimaru (and 3 railways stations plus several subway stations) .under the square there are 3 inter connected underground malls. there is also Hep five (with the giant red Ferris wheel on the roof) for young people. there are also luxury shops by the Hilton hotel near a corner of the square. don't forget Yodobashi cameras on the north side of JR Osaka station, with 6 floors of electronic stuff, not just cameras.. near Namba, the Shinsaibashi arcade (covered street) has Daimaru and Sogo department stores and of course the arcade and another one a block away are crowded with boutiques of all kinds and there are underground malls under another street.
past the dotombori canal at the end of the arcade there is Takashimaya dpt store and Namba parks, a mall with suspended gardens on 8 levels i think... Midosuji boulevard, America mura, Orange street, have more stores. There is also the Tennoji area with more department stores... you do know of course that shopping in most of these places is rather expensive? no discount outlets there..
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