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Smoking rooms / Deodorizing Question 2007/9/4 14:44
I have a question regarding 'smoking' hotel rooms. It seems that many of the cheaper options (apart from Toyoko inn) don't have a 'non smoking' option but offer to 'deodorize' the room.

I have allergies to cleaning chemicals and air fresheners and such things with artificial, chemical and perfumey smells.

Just wondering if the 'deodorizing' will make the room even worse for me?? make me more sick than to breathe in old cigarette smoke?

any experiences and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. and also what exactly they use to deodorize the rooms..

Many thanks.

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My hotel experience 2007/9/5 16:52
I cannot speak for Japan, but having worked for some time in a UK hotel, I can tell you what is done there. Perhaps it is the same or similar.

In a room where the occupant was a smoker, we would firstly open the windows as soon as they left. This is the first and easiest way to clear the smell.

Secondly, fabric surfaces were sprayed with a substance similar to Febreeze. It is an odor neutraliser with a fresh scent. If sheets were not due to be changed, they were briefly removed from the bed, aired, and replaced.

Cigarette butts and ash were all removed from the room daily.

I found that this kept the room reasonably fresh but, being a non-smoker, I could still tell to a slight degree that the room had been smoked in. However, it wasn't an overpowering or uncomfortable scent.

Nevertheless, I am quite surprised you cannot find any cheap accomodation with non-smoking rooms. Have you tried business hotels?
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"deodorized " room 2007/9/5 17:28
I am a non-smoker, ever stayed in a business hotel twice in a ''deodorized'' room in Japan. If I did not have the first hand knowledge, I would not have noticed the differences. The room was clean and quite odorless ( no perfume smell either ). Most importantly, the ashtray was removed from the room and all the bedsheets, bath towels and pillow cases changed. I would say they did a very thorough job indeed!
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