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Where to buy colorful hair dye (pink) 2007/9/4 23:16
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi there,
I'm living in Tokyo at the moment, with a head of pink hair that's starting to look a bit tired... Does anyone know of a particular store or salon that stocks/uses colorful hair dyes?

Many thanks! ^..^
by R  

^_^ 2007/9/5 16:57

Also, if you want something really striking, I know that you can now get neon-type pinks that are UV reactive, so they glow under UV light! I was searching for UV body paint last night and found it. ^_^

As for places in Tokyo that sell it in a store, no idea. Sorry ^_^;
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If you want a website i have one 2007/9/7 01:42
I order my hair dye here

Special Effects have worked great for me, the only color i have used is limelight.
here is the company website

The first website is the place i found it to cost the least and I haven't had any problems with them. I recommend buying at least 2 bottles at a time if you plan to keep your hair the color for awhile so you can avoid shipping costs

Hope this helps :)
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