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Short connecting time and customs! 2007/9/5 00:52
Okay so I have been in Japan for the past month and am leaving the day after tomorrow. This was my first international flight. The flight here was easy, and transfering was a breeze, that I was worried about. Everything was good except they never shipped my luggage from O`Hare to Narita. Anyways ...

The problem now is ...

I have to go through customs coming back, right? Well i`m nervous about this since I have never done this before, and my connecting time is only an hour and a half ... and I have to catch this flight!! I`ll be arriving at O`Hare at 9:20 in the morning. Please what is the customs process, how long will it take? [i also need to go from terminal 5 to 1!!] ... will I make my connecting flight? If I don`t it is the airports fault isn`t it? Will I be able to take the next flight to Boston? ... I can`t stay overnight at an airport, I`m only 19 ... and i`ll have no extra US cash on me.
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transfer in ORD 2007/9/5 19:37
are both flights on the same ticket. Yes: You have chance to be allowed to take a later flight , if original flight is delayed. No: It is up to the airline of the Boston leg. Immigration: the first stop of the airplane from Narita in USA is ORD? So yes you have to go through immigration what can be very quick when you are an US citizen or what can take 30 to 60 min for non-US citizen.
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. 2007/9/5 22:38
Returning to the US, Immigration lines might be fast, they might be long depends on how busy they are, CBP officers tend to ask a lot of questions sometimes, and if you get selected for secondary customs screening, just answer all questions.

Remember that you have to go through security again after changing terminals, so factor in security time as well.

If you did miss your flight the airline would probablyb ookyou onto a later flight.
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