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problems acquiring a cell phone 2007/9/5 21:21
A friend and I are studying at a Japanese university under student visas. Being 23 I was able to purchase a phone plan at Softbank using my passport and a form provided by the local ward office. My friend, however, is only 19, and when he stopped by the local AU shop with the necessary paperwork, he was told that his parent must also be present in the store for him to get a phone. Of course this is not possible since his father lives in the States.

Do all cell phone companies enforce this same policy, and is there any way around it?

Any input would be much appreciated. Living in Japan without a cell phone can be really harsh...
by Jon  

. 2007/9/7 13:22
AU has a policy someone is under the age of the Majority (which is 20 in Japan) then he/she needs to get custodial consent.

Since you are 23, how about getting somesort of prepaid phone service for your friend? Under your name?
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AU phone 2007/9/7 18:15
We've discussed the possibility of a prepaid phone, and since he'll be living here for a year the month to month service plan is more affordable.

My friend has since returned to AU and was told that a consent form can be mailed to his father in the US and then mailed back here to be submitted instead. To save time, he'll forge the form (with his fathers permission of course).

A new problem has also come up regarding AU's 50% student discount. Apparently students that come from abroad are not considered Japanese residents. He's entered the country on a student visa and submitted his alien registration and holds a local address. Somehow it doesn't seem right for them to turn him down...

Does anyone happen to know Softbank of Docomo's specific policies for those under 20?
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. 2007/9/8 02:57
Just find another AU place there are dozens all over the place. It also depends on what type of student visa you have and if the school has an agreement with AU. 50% discount does apply to certain people on student visas.
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