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Japan Ichiban 2007/9/8 00:01
What are your thoughts on the site Friends.Japanichiban.com? Has anybody found friends/something more on that site?

In Japanese, it seems to be called E-kaiwafriends though

Any opinions appreciated!

by jenna  

. 2007/9/8 01:21
Its all part of one large "friends" network, similar to the links you see at the top of Japan-guide sometimes.

Just like any other penpal site, it is always a hit or miss when finding someone to communicate with.
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Same as Jenna... 2007/9/8 07:11
Yeah....is it safe...its not like some virus thingy...?
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The answer... 2009/1/11 17:36
I actually manage the japanichiban friendfinder site and over the years we've had many many paying and non paying members and have not had one complaint. It helps me pay the bills. If you have any further questions we have a forum where you can ask or ask me again here. I just found this by chance.
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