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Advice please on 13 day itinerary 2007/9/8 08:56
Hello everyone!
I will be arrive to Narita Airport from October 15 to 27.
This is our first trip to Japan and I need if somebody can advise me what places can we visit during my trip. I don't have hotel reservation yet, so i need to do it soon, My question is should we buy a JR RailPass We are not trying to see everything - just get a nice flavor of the culture and enjoy the sights i was thinking in this places Tokyo, Nikko,Kamakura, Osaka, Hiroshima, Takayama, Sapporo, Nara, Himeji advise me, thanks
Day 1: Arrival Narita
Day 10: 4pm. Flight home.
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advice? 2007/9/8 15:26
You say 13 days but in the post say day 1 arrival, day 10 departure? or did I misread?
if you have just a bit more than a week I would cancel Saporro. takes too long by train and added expense by plane.
with only 8 days, not counting arrival and departure, I would do:
day 1 arrival
day 2 Tokyo
day 3 Nikko (start 7 days JR pass)
day 4 Kamakura
day 5 Tokyo - Kyoto
day 6 Kyoto
day 7 Himeji and Nara
day 8 Kyoto-Hiroshima (early am)
day 9 Hiroshima- Tokyo
day 10 departure.
as you see this is very tight. I hope that you do have more days:
day 1 arrival.
days 2 to 12 = trip
day 13 departure
this would allow you to overnight in Hiroshima and also to stay in Tokyo a couple of days at the end.
I said Kyoto but it could be Osaka, one of most favorite cities in the world. Kyoto is quieter, older, lots of historical buildings. Osaka has as much hustle and bustle as Tokyo.
This is only a suggestion. My apologies if I got the # of days wrong, but this should give you an idea. You can refine it and other posters can help you some more . There are lots of posts on this site on similar itineraries..
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our 12 day itinerary ex Sydney 2007/9/9 08:06

thurs Depart 10.00am - Qantas
Arrive Tokyo 7.00pm
Stay night - Shinagawa Prince Hotel New Tower

21/9 DAY 1: TOKYO
fri Stay night -Shinagawa Prince Hotel New Tower

22/9 DAY 2: TOKYO
sat Stay night - Shinagawa Prince Hotel New Tower

23/9 DAY 3: TOKYO
sun P/H Stay night Shinagawa Prince Hotel New Tower

6 hours travel – arrive early pm Stay night Hida Hotel Takayama

tues Stay night – Hida Hotel Takayama

wed AM train to Nagoya – bullet to Kyoto – 4 hours
Stay night New Miyako Hotel

27/9 DAY 7: KYOTO
thurs Stay night New Miyako Hotel

28/9 DAY 8: KYOTO
Stay night New Miyako Hotel

29/9 DAY 9: KYOTO
sat Stay night New Miyako Hotel

sun AM bullet to Tokyo – 3 hours
Stay night Shinagawa Prince Hotel New Tower

mon Depart Tokyo for Sydney 8.20pm

2/10 DAY 12: SYDNEY - Arrive 7.00am

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thank you so much 2007/9/11 03:06
Plantagenesta thank you so much, also can you advise me in what hotels can we stay, Im looking for something nice, but not too expensive and If I need to buy the 7 days JR pass now.
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THANKS Laurie 2007/9/11 03:40
thank you so much
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Slower pace 2007/9/11 04:40
For your first trip to Japan I would cut out Sapporo and Takayama, and concentrate on Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. I know the tendency is to try to see as much as you can but you will get a lot of "culture" in those places. Perhaps you should try staying at a ryokan. You also better book your rooms as soon as possible because it is the busy time of year.
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