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Long hair in the onsen? 2007/9/9 00:56
I've tried searching for the answer to this question, yet I've only found information on body hair. My question is this though... if you have long hair (on your head), like down the back long, what do you do with it upon entering the bath itself? Also, must I do different things with my hair when it's dry (for the first dipping after a quick rinse) and when it's wet and clean (for the second dip after a complete soaping)?
by streea  

... 2007/9/9 11:56
I always use a hair band and/or a hair clip to tie it back (or make a simple bun) to prevent my hair from dipping water. When my hair is wet after washing, I lightly dry it with a towel and tie it again. If my hair is still really wet (water dripping), I wrap it by a towel.
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, 2007/9/10 13:23
as i usually wash my hair too at the onsen, i bundle it up with a huge butterfly clip (the type with interlocking teeth and acts like a clamp) so your hair won't tangle when you put it up.
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:) 2007/9/11 12:52
Thanks for the answers! I'll make sure to get a butterfly clip just in case wrapping my hair up in a towel doesn't work.
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