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Need opinion about my itinerary 2007/9/9 23:49
Ok, after a complete day checking prices, we (two males) decided to purchase an 14-day JapanRail-Pass. We'll spend 16 days in Japan (we'll land on Sept 22nd), and our planned itinerary might be a bit hectic, yet we'd like to know what you think about:

Day 1: Landing - Tokyo
Day 2: Tokyo
Day 3: Tokyo - Matsumoto
Day 4: Matsumoto - Nagano
Day 5: Nagano - Kanazawa
Day 6: Kanazawa - Hiroshima
Day 7: Hiroshima - Himeji - Osaka
Day 8: Osaka
Day 9: Osaka - Nara - Kyoto
Day 10: Kyoto
Day 11: Kyoto
Day 12: Kyoto - Mt Fuji
Day 13: Mt Fuji - Shuzen-Ji
Day 14: Shuzen-Ji - Kamakura - Tokyo
Day 15: Tokyo
Day 16: Back Home

is it too crazy??
any suggestion?

Thanks a lot in advance!
by Jorge  

... 2007/9/10 10:02
Day 5: Nagano - Kanazawa
Day 6: Kanazawa - Hiroshima

This part looks too tight for me considering traveling time between the cities.

Nagano to Kanazawa 3hrs 30 min
Kanazawa to Hiroshima 4 hrs 30 min
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Any reason for Nagano? 2007/9/10 15:58
Any reason in particular you are visiting Nagano?
Takayama seems the normal choice between Matsumoto and Kanazawa.
If you are going to travel to Hiroshima you might want to stay a bit longer and visit Miyajima. I haven't been myself but its always highly recommended.
I would also recommend maybe an extra day in Tokyo if you are interested in Modern Tokyo at all, there is lots to see!
Apart from that, it does look fairly hectic but certainly doable.
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Changed Nagano for Tateyama Kurobe Route 2007/9/10 18:33
The only reason for my partner to go to Nagano was to visit the Olympic Stadium, but apparently it's not a must (for him).
So we decided:

Day 4: Matsumoto - Shinano Omachi (in the morning); then making the Tateyama Kurobe Route; then Toyama - Kanazawa (evening); then spending the night in Kanazawa

Day 5: Kanazawa

Now I am in doubts, perhaps makes more sense just purchasing a 7-Days JR Pass instead of the 14-Days one.
I made calculations and we "would" save approximately 2000 Yens (per person) if we buy the 7-Days Pass.
By the other hand, if we just gut the 14-Days Pass, we won't need to feel always in the need to catch the cheap connections to Kanazawa (which apparently is only once at the evening) and as I understood we still could use it on the last days in Tokyo, right?

Thanks in advance once again.
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... 2007/9/10 19:32
If you are on a budget, I don't recommend following the Alpine Route. It costs about 10,000 Yen per person, and is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass.
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tokyo-nagano-matumoto-kanazawa 2007/9/13 18:38
day3:tokyo station-nagano station by nagano shinkansen line,1.5h, pass is o.k. nagano station to togakushi height-land by bus,1h. eating soba,trekking to togakushi shrine okusha, 40min.togakushi to zenkou-ji temple by bus,40min. zenkouji to nagano station by walking,20min.nagano station to matumoto station by jr shinonoi line,80min. obasute station,on the way to matumoto,fine view from train.staying matumoto.

day4:matumoto castle,2h or so.matumoto to mimamiotari to itoigawa by jr ooito line,3h 20min,with looking the japan alps.itoigawa to kanazawa by super-express train,jr hokuriku line,1.5h.
staying kanazawa.

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