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travel to Osaka and Hiroshima 2007/9/10 11:03
My family and I would like to visit Universal Studios in Osaka and from there, we would like to see also the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. We are based in Tokyo. Can anyone tell me how to go about it? Which is the most easy and convenient way? We are traveling with a child. Please help! Thank you so much!
by iwa  

... 2007/9/10 17:13
iwa, your post sounds that you are planning to visit Osaka and Hiroshima as a day-trip from Tokyo.

Tokyo-Osaka takes 2.5 hrs and Tokyo-Hiroshima 4 hrs by shinkasen.

From Osaka to Hiroshima :
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Tokyo-Osaka-Hiroshima 2007/9/10 20:34
Thanks JLady for that information!

Yes, this would be a day trip from Tokyo. But would you know, if its possible to go to Hiroshima from Osaka? I mean, is it just near? How many hours by shinkansen or ordinary train from Osaka to Hiroshima? Any idea, too, regarding travel agencies offering packages for this type of trip?


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ShinOsaka and Hiroshima as day trip 2007/9/10 21:54
As a day trip it will be very rushed: lv Tokyo 07.00 h by hikari shinkansen arrive ShinOsaka 10.00 h go to Univeral Studio return to ShinOsaka for 14.00 h hikari shinkansen to Hiroshima arr 15.32 h return to Tokyo by lv Hiroshima 18.00 h arrive Tokyo 23.19 h, all covered by a 7 day JR Rail Pass at Yen 28300, seperate tickets more expensive. No touroperator offers such a day excursion. You will have a net of 2 hours for Universal Studio and 1 hour for peace park in Hiroshima.
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Buy a JR Pass 2007/9/11 10:52
I just came from Japan and I must admit, buying that JR pass (which is sold to only foreigners) was the best money saver I did for that trip. You can search for it. I don't know where you are coming from (what country). I bought mine in Los Angeles, CA
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JR Passes 2007/9/11 16:04
Thanks everyone for all those reply!

I don't think seeing both places in a day will be convenient, specially with a child. Are there any budget hotels near Universal Studios? We plan to reach Osaka in the morning, see Universal Studios and other nearby attractions for the whole day, and then spend the night in a not-so-expensive hotel. We will start our trip to Hiroshima the following day. Upon reaching Hiroshima, we will see Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and maybe again some nearby tourist spots. Any idea on these spots? From there, we would like to head back to Tokyo (same day).

I will really appreciate any helpful hints and ideas that you can contribute! (We are new in Japan!)
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Osaka 2007/9/11 16:36
The first hikari shinkasen lv Tokyo 06.36 h arrive ShinOsaka 09.36 h, further hikari every 30 min. ShinOsaka is the name of the station for the shinkansen in Osaka. Stay in a hotel around ShinOsaka station and next morning is very convenient for the hikari shinkansen to Hiroshima lv 06.00 h arrive Hiroshima 07.29 h, on your way back you can make a stopover at Himeji castle, convenient on the shinkansen line and 15 min walk from Himeji station.
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