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Rotenburo in Kyoto overlooking Momiji? 2007/9/10 13:33
Kyoto City
Hello everybody,

I think the title of my question is very explicative already ^_^

I went last year to a rotenburo overlooking a snowed landscape and it was a wonderful experience.

This year a friend cuople is coming to visit me and I would like to find for them a rotenburo which overlooks a momiji landscape, and when possible, in Kyoto area. They are a couple, so private (kashikiri) rotenburo would be perfect!

I think Arashiyama is very beautiful at that time, and I now there is a onsen in Arashiyama, but I don't know if there is any ryokan from which you can look at the landscape while bathing. It would be very disappointing to get there and find there is only an ofuro room with tiny windows ;)

Any ideas? Other areas would also be fine.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

by Carmen  

... 2007/9/10 18:19
How about Yunohana Onsen near JR Kameoka station? As it takes only 10min from JR Saga-Arashiyama station to JR Kameoka station, you can visit Arashiyama and stay in Yunohana Onsen.

Though picures on the English page are not so good, kashikiri open-air bath in this ryokan is surrounded by momiji trees. (see the picture) And though not stated in the English page, there are some rooms (such as SEOTO room) even with private open-air bath.

Sumiya Kihouan
picture of kashikiri onsen
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Thanks 2007/9/14 07:52
Thanks a lot, maybe it is a little over their budget but now I know an interesting onsen area and I can look further.

Have a nice weekend!

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how about... 2007/9/14 15:40
kurama onsen?


judging from the website, it seems that it would have some nice view too!
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Wow 2007/9/14 16:18
Oh, yes, that's also a beautiful place :)

Thank you, Rei!
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