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Best Japan Phone rental 2007/9/10 14:00

I would like to ask what is the cheapest and reliable phone rental company in narita Airport?.I just need the phone and use my own simcard.

Any recommendation?

by Ydru  

. 2007/9/10 22:55
I don't know if it is the cheapest, but it is reliable, and that is SoftBank Global Rental.
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Phone 2007/9/11 06:00
All depends on how long you will be in country and if they will allow you to use your sim card. That is something you will need to discuss with them.

I own a VodaPhone PrePaid phone. VodaPhone is what SoftBank use to be. They still honor the phone and all I have to do is load up the minutes. I travel there often enough that it works for me.

At Narita there are areas where you will find all the phone service desks. They have always been helpful and you can easily walk from one to another to compare prices.

Check out the Narita Airport site:


Phone service companies at Narita:

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. 2007/9/11 07:35
You have it mixed up, Softbank is now what Vodaphone used to be.
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And Kansai? 2007/9/11 08:48
It's safe to assume that you'd find something similar at Kansai?
You just rock up at the booth, and show your passport? That's all you need?
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