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carrying cash to japan 2007/9/10 15:18
i am going to carry a lot of cash to japan when i go there this december, because i won't be using my debit/credit cards much. so is it a smart idea to have a money belt? having all the money in the wallet seems awfully risky, and because i'll be staying at a hostel, i don't know just how safe the hostel's security will be.
by beth  

Well.. 2007/9/10 19:15
..I guess you have a reason for not using a visa card at ATM's for Yen?
We've travelled a lot in dangerous countries and a money belt is good protection for only a few dollars. Lately I've used a stretch bandage on my knee under pants as an even better way.
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. 2007/9/10 22:52
Yes it is pretty safe to carry large amounts of cash in Japan, whatever or however you feel secure in carrying your money, then do it, and you'll be fine.
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reason 2007/9/11 01:07
well the reason is just that i read a lot of places are not available to use credit cards, and i figure it'd be a better rate to exchange all the money i need here, then to get there and run out of money and use the bank. or do the banks (through atms or actual transaction) actually offer pretty good rates?
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Cash Belt 2007/9/11 01:24
I brought a little cash over-the-shoulder bag that you wear under your clothes. That worked great for me. You should also invest in making travellers cheques to bring to cash each week.

Even though it's said Japan is very safe, it's still likely that given the chance to grab that much money, somebody could.
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safe places to hide money 2007/9/11 01:53
you can stuff some cash in your bra for safety.

belts are good too except when you go to the toilet and have to unbutton, the belt might fall off.
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cash 2007/9/11 02:37
Here we go again!
this subject has been discussed AD NAUSEAM many times before..
I have been using credit cards and ATMs in Japan since the mid-90s without any problem. obviously one needs to get cash for meals and small purchases in big or even mid-size town, not a village, just in case, but then this would be the same in many 1st world countries. All the 7-11 accept foreign ATMs (do you know that 7-11 in the USA is owned by a Japanese company?). Of course this is your choice but don't believe everything the guidebooks say. Unfortunately even Lonely Planet keeps publishing inaccurate info on far too many places in many countries year after year (I double check their entries on European and Japanese towns that I know very well)
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. 2007/9/11 03:28
That would be assuming the OP is from the USA to begin with. But it wasn't only until recently that Japanese companies purchased all of 7-eleven from US corporations. Of course it is a franchiser, and it franchises all seven elevens not just in the USA but the entire world.

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. 2007/9/11 03:34
Any other case I digress since that issue really doesn't seem to matter much, as ATMs there are different from ATMs found in other countries, so it doesn't really matter who ownes seven eleven. They were actually pressured by some companies into opening their network, but thats another story I read.

But yes you can use debit and credit cards etc at Point of purchase places (eg you hand over your card to the clerk). Otherwise ATMs:

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travel with no plastics? 2007/9/11 05:51
It's relatively safe traveling thru Japan with a lot of cash but don't leave it around, another words, you have to keep it on your possession at all times. Don't carry them in one place because if you loose it or your money gets lost, you have no money. Also consider carrying travelers checques and exchange some for yen in time when you need more cash.
Go to your bank and buy travelers cheques (with cash or cash withdraw from your account) how much ever you want take.
Only you can legally use your travelers cheques to exchange for yen so it's a safe way to secure your money for travel and great way for the students and those who don't (or don't want to) carry credit cards.
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