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Where is Meguro parasite museum? 2007/9/10 21:32
Tokyo 23-ku
I've been searching all over but can't find a map to the place. How do I get there from Meguro train station?

by Saus  

Meguro parasite museum 2007/9/11 10:09

I've been searching all over but can't find a map to the place.

You're kidding, right?
Typing "meguro parasite museum" in Google turned up the museum's English-language website in about 5 seconds. It has a map and directions...
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WOw 2007/9/11 11:16
Thanks.. all I managed to find was this 'meguro parasite museum in cyberspace' but no map.,
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near my home 2007/9/11 14:51
Turn left out of the ticket gates at Meguro station and walk down the hill past the two pachinko shops on either side of the road keep walking for about 15 mins pass over the bridge and keep going go across another big road next to a supermarket and start walking up the hill past otori jinja and its on the left - you will spend more time getting there than actually inside it's tiny!
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