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on-line bus reservation 2007/9/11 00:17
I'm looking for a site that allow me to buy night bus tickets but i have found only japanise sites. Is there a site with an english version?
by Fabiana  

... 2007/9/11 10:21
Where do you want to go. Some of the companies on certain routes have english websites. for example, if your are going to and from Tokyo try www.123bus.net
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thank you 2007/9/11 17:27
Thanks a lot for you reply, it's very helpful for me. I've found bus from Tokyo to Osaka, but I can't find on that site a bus from Kyoto to Tokyo, could you help me again?

How much early I should reserve a place?

I know that now is early, but I need places for the first week of january and I think that's a busy period, so I think I need to reserve place at least in October / November, or no?
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... 2007/9/11 19:37
Fabiana, bus from Osaka to Tokyo on the site stops at Kyoto. You can select "Boarding Place" on the reservation form.
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i see 2007/9/11 21:51
thanks a lot
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on-line bus reservation 2007/9/12 15:33
Hi, I am going to Takayama from Shinjuku in April 2008 with a group of friends - 10 persons. Wonder if anyone can help to advise any on-line booking for buses - day or night. Preferably English website
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... 2007/9/12 15:57
The Shinjuku-Takayama bus can be reserved online through the following Japanese website (an address in Japan is required):

You can also phone here:
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..... 2007/9/12 17:08
Uji, thank u. I already visited this website. But it is in Japanese and as u mentioned they need a Japanese address. I am from Singapore, so unable to provide a Japanese address. Any other help.
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... 2007/9/12 18:05
The phone number. I think I have heard of people, who managed to make reservations successfully in English through the phone number that I gave you in my previous post.
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..... 2007/9/13 11:28
Uji, thank you so much. Will try
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