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JR Tokyo to Koka? 2007/9/11 04:18
Kyoto City
I'm planning on making a day trip to the town of Koka on my way from Tokyo to Kyoto. The Koka site recommends journeys from kyoto or osaka to Koka but doesn't mention Kyoto. Would there be any convinient way to stop off on the way from Tokyo, or woulld it be recommended to spend a night in Kyoto first and make the day trip next. Thanks!! :)
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Tokyo to Koka 2007/9/11 13:36
this is what I got by typing Koka IN THE WINDOW ON THIS JAPAN-GUIDE.COM site.
From Kyoto Station, get on any regular, rapid or special rapid train headed for Kusatsu, Yasu, Maibara, Nagahama or Tsuruga. Get off the train at Kusatsu. From Kyoto this takes about 15-20 minutes. Do not exit Kusatsu station, and transfer to any train bound for Tsuge (trains bound for Tsuge will stop at all stations in Koka City).
this means that you have to
take a JR train from Tokyo to Kyoto (fast or slow depending on your time and budget). stay in the JR kyoto station and look for local trains as noted above " from Kyoto station..etc. "
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:) 2007/9/11 15:06
Thanks.. sorry I kinda worded a bit of my question wrong. I meant straight from Tokyo, without having to go via Kyoto. I had also posed the question from my workplace which blocks parts of the site, so I cannot just use that search function. But you've answered my question so ta muchly!
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