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the most beautiful place around Tokyo... 2007/9/11 10:55
Tokyo 23-ku

For a photography project, I'm looking for places in Tokyo that other people would consider 'beautiful' and 'pretty'. It doesn't have to be a typical tourist attraction but it could be somewhere out of the way, peaceful and quiet.

Please tell us your:

-most beautiful place.
-the exact spot where it is best seen.
-the reason.

Many Thanks

by shingou  

down town tokyo 2007/9/11 19:39
the japanese people them selfs when you see them relax and enjoying time,Sites nil outstanding it is like many big places it is not a paris or barcerlona , sydney, or some place in the mountain type countrys my pick the diet buildings and the quite little grounds around them
by bigbob rate this post as useful

My favourite place 2007/9/11 21:02
One of my favourite places in Tokyo is Wadabori koen near Omiya Hachiman Jinja in Suginami-ku. it's a very green area with the Zempukuji River flowing through it- sometimes people go there to practice music instruments.

It's also very beautiful in spring as there are a lot of cherry trees lining the river.
by Sira rate this post as useful

. 2007/9/12 07:51
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some might see quiet nature as nice, some might see the city skyline at night to be beautiful. I consider them both to be nice, so Tokyo bay with the rainbow bridge from Odaiba gives you a nice post card city scape photo if you are into Urban photography.
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... 2007/9/12 07:55
These are some good suggestions, thankyou:

-Tokyo bay with the rainbow bridge from Odaiba

-Wadabori koen near Omiya Hachiman Jinja in Suginami-ku.

-the diet buildings and the quite little grounds around them

Are there any more suggestions? (places that are you beautiful to 'you')
by shingou rate this post as useful

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