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Bed sizes in hotels? 2007/9/11 18:20
Can someone please tell me the sizes of beds in japanese hotels?

both western/business hotel and ryokans?

I am very confused.

This wikipedia site doesn't list Asian bed sizes either.

I really want to know what is the diff in cm between a twin bed, and a double bed? thanks.
by scamel  

. 2007/9/12 09:00
A twin room is a room with 2 beds, a double room is one bed designed for two people (usually maybe a king sized bed).
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... 2007/9/12 09:26

The size of beds vary from hotel to hotel. It's best to ask the hotel/ryokan in mind.

Generally speaking, major hotel twin rooms are quite similar to American major hotels, having 2 semi-double size beds. In smaller hotels like business hotels or pensions, beds can be single size or smaller. Extra beds can often be quite short in length. I don't remember seeing any king size beds.

In Japanese style accomodation such as ryokan or minshuku, you will be sleeping on futon mattresses placed on the floor only at night, so the size doesn't matter much.
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. 2007/9/12 10:59
but I was not after the configuration, but actual sizes in cms.

I specifically wanted to know whether a 'semi double' is bigger than a normal double or smaller?
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Beds 2007/9/12 11:18

The actual sizes will vary depending on the hotel. Some hotel websites actually give details of bed sizes.
A semi-double bed is narrower than a full double bed but wider than a single.
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beds 2007/9/12 12:23
the Toyoko inn single beds are 120 cm wide or 4 ft, wider than European single. The double is 140cm.
single futons are usually around 90cm wide but because they are on the floor they feel wider, to me anyway, perhaps because when I am turning around in my sleep my body isn't afraid of falling off. not very scientific..As several people said, it all depends on the hotel too. .
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