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Going to Tokyo for 2 months 2007/9/12 01:23
Tokyo 23-ku
I was wondering if there was any interesting/exciting things that I could do in Tokyo that perhaps are left out of 1 or 2 week itineraries?

I am visiting just the tokyo area because I lack the funds to really travel around Japan this trip and any ideas you could offer about filling up the time would be highly appreciated!

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. 2007/9/12 10:24
I'm pretty sure if you reduced your trip to 1month that money not spent on an extra month in Tokyo could be spent doing and visiting more places around Japan.

While Tokyo is a very exciting city and place to visit, 2 months for Tokyo alone gets a little boring, because you're a visitor there just sightseeing you have nothing but free and easy time to do and see more things in a week then someone who lives there (working or going to school) has time to do in a month. So you might find that the glamour might wear off.

So I suggest that if you did have that time, I would go around Japan seeing other parts as well, maybe reducing it to 1 month or 1.5.
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... 2007/9/12 10:24
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Tokyo 2007/9/12 12:46
I second John 100%. I love visiting department stores and temples, riding subways trains and streetcars, but after 2 weeks I would be fed up with Tokyo. Tokyo is busy, crazy, exciting but when it comes down to it, there isn't a big variety of landscapes, architectural treasures etc. to interest a tourist for more than 2 weeks. Better travel around the country. staying 2 months in any country, much less in one town (as a tourist obviously), is too much.
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Thanks 2007/9/12 13:03
John and Sensei 2, I totally understand your point, I thought about that too.
I think I should have specified that I will be actually living in Tokyo for those two months, but not working.
And so that's why I was hoping for some nice ideas.

Thanks for the link Uji! I read all those already haha
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. 2007/9/12 13:34
By living I specifically mentioned, working or going to school or having some responsibility that requires your attention and your not free and easy the entire time, as if you're either a student or working you have a lot of things preoccupying and the sights and sounds are great entertainment and ways to relax.

However if one is just there with no other things to occupy them but just sightseeing, then you certainly have more time to see and do more things in a a week that would normally take the average person, a month (or months) to do and see.
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