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Taking Photos at Tsukiji Fish Market 2007/9/12 09:44
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm planning to go to visit the Tsukiji fish market in the middle of November, and was hoping to take some photos there with my DSLR. Just wondering if anyone can offer advice on any photo etiquette in that area? I don't want to disturb the people working there, and are there any restrictions on the use of flash?
And for any photography fans out there, would it be enough for me to bring a lens with just a f/4.5, or should I bring something faster to take some decent photos without flash?
And lastly, is anyone aware of any holidays or special events that I should avoid going to the market on? I should be there during the week of November 17th.
Thanks for any help :D
by Crayoncrayon  

... 2007/9/12 10:43
Tsukiji is not the best lit place so I would recommend bringing the fastest lens you have.

I don't think that there are restrictions on using your flash, but I would probably be rude.

I personally like atmosphere of pictures I've taken there using existing light better than ones using flash. Of course, that's up to you though.
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. 2007/9/12 10:46
There are signs in English asking you not to take flash photography in the main auction building. I assume it might go for around the grounds as well because of all the workers driving around.

Here is the link to their calendar:
It shows the days they are not open with a red dot.
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Thanks! 2007/9/12 18:13
Thanks for the feedback, I think I will bring my 1.8 50mm with me then :)
And thanks for the market schedule :)
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