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Toy section 2007/9/12 16:55
Does anyone know whether there is a toy section at Tokyu and Parco department store
by Jess  

... 2007/9/12 21:44
Toy section is on the 7th floor of East Building of Tokyu Toyoko store (above Shibuya station).
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Toy selection 2007/10/1 08:00
Following the same question about toy shopping. Can anyone please tell me how much is the cost of a dog robot.
I would also like to know what is the cost of a cheap komono for an 8 years old.
Many thanks

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... 2007/10/11 11:35
If you are looking for the sony aibo robotic dog it has been discontinued.

Its probably not what you were looking for, however, as it costs around 200000 yen. There are numerous knock-offs though that are significantly cheaper (2000-20000 yen range depending of sophistication)

As for a kimono (komono was written, assuming kimono) for an 8 yr old, what you probably want is a yukata which is a cotton summer version of a kimono. They can be found as cheap as 1000 yen in a kit that includes an obi (sash) and zori (sandals), however the season is over so the only place you may be able to find them is at souvenir shops where they will probably cost 3000+ yen. If you specifically want kimono, made of silk, be prepared to spend significantly more.
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second-hand AIBO 2007/12/21 04:35
I am of course aware that new AIBOs have been discontinued, however, how about pre-loved, second-hand AIBos?
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... 2007/12/21 12:32
never seen them in a store but they're definitely on ebay:

new ones seem to go for between 3000-4500 USD.
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Aibo 2007/12/22 21:49
Yes, I know they can bought off ebay, but I will be in Tokyo for a holiday and the question was is there a second hand electronics area that would be worth exploring for one?
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