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Buying video games in Japan 2007/9/12 19:48
Hi there!

When I have my trip to Japan, I hope to buy some video games. What my question is, is that do video games sold in Japan have an option to change the language into English? If not, are there any stores in Tokyo of Kyoto that sell English translations?

Also, how would I ask "Does this game translate into English?" in Japanese?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
by Kelly  

... 2007/9/13 00:43
what system are you buying for?
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. 2007/9/13 01:03
It wholly depends on the game. Some games are just japaense text directions etc only, some japanese games are designed with english text and dialog with subtitles, some have english text but are only sold in Japan, its a whole mix of different things.

Not to mention, the games you buy in Japan might or might not work on your home system to begin with, so it depends games for what system, and region too.
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. 2007/9/13 01:04
If a game has been translated into english from a Japanese version, then its been marketed out overseas, so most likely you'll find it in your home country, rather then finding it in Japan, as the market base is almost nil for it.
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"English" games in Japan 2007/9/13 02:30
I looked when I was in Akiba last year & while I did find a couple of ''imported'' English versions of games they were as expensive if not more so than at home. The exception is something like Phoenix Wright on the DS where the Japanese version also has the English translation on the cart.
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