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Can someone please help me! 2007/9/12 21:11
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi everyone. I just want to ask for some help. I'm going to Tokyo for the very first time on Oct.19 to the Oct. 23rd. My budget on a hotel is around 350 dollars for two. I'm meeting my girlfriend who works in Tokyo. I can't stay with her for some reasons I don't want to get in to. Anyways I could only find a hotel for two in my price range in Asakusa. It's the Sky Court hotel Tokyo. It was for 288 dollars for four nights and five days for two. I'm kind of a night person who likes to go out allot and when I'm in Tokyo I want to go out allot. Like Akihabara, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. Now my question is. From the hotel I'm staying in Tokyo am I really that far form the places I want to go to? Can someone please tell me how long is it to take a subway train to these places. If I wanted to go out at night to see the night life. Can someone give me a rough estimate how much is taxi at night from Asakusa to Akihabara or Shibuya or Shinjuku is? I'm sorry to ask to much but I been searching and searching in the forums for help. And I'm going crazy looking for the answers. My girlfriend just moved to Tokyo for about 8 months now and she doesn't really go out much since she works allot. So it's up to me to plan this. Oh yeah one more thing can you guy's tell me where i can take my girl to a nice place in Tokyo like some nice dating spots.
by Case  

. 2007/9/13 10:48
The nearest station I would say is on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (Asakusa Station), looking at the map its a good 10-15 plus minute walk, there's also Tobu Asakusa Station (you won't need to use it) and Toei Asakusa Station (Toei is the 2nd subway network in Tokyo next to Tokyo Metro), for most of your purposes you'll use the Tokyo Metro Station (these are 3 seperate asakusa stations, but they are labeled).

Not counting the time it takes you to get from the hotel to the train station:

The Ginza Line connects you from Asakusa station to Akihabara is a 8 minute train ride (get off at Suehirocho Station) , the Ginza Line also goes to direct to Shibuya in about 32 minutes. Asakusa Station is one end of the Ginza Line and Shibuya is the other end of the line. The Ginza Line of course connects Ginza too.

Asakusa from Akihabara is not very far so taxi should not be too expensive, however Asakusa from Shibuya is a bit of distance since it is across town.

Have you looked into any other hotels? The last train from Shibuya to Asakusa station leaves sometime right before midnight, so if you are out late, just make it to the station around 11:30pm and I think you'll be ok.

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rent a bicycle 2007/9/13 20:11
you can rent a bicycle for 200 yen for 24 hours from near the river in Asakusa.

Thats what I do when I go to Tokyo and you can stay out all night it takes about 40 mins to get across town to Roppongi for example (not that you might want to go there) you can reach everywhere within that time if you don't mind cycling and it's such a great way to see the city. The police are very active at night though checking for stolen bicycles so be prepared to tell them where you rented it from if you get stopped. Also people do get prosecuted for drunk driving bicycles in Japan so watch out.

I highly reccommend it tho.
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Map of Tokyo 2007/9/13 20:44
contact the JNTO office for your area by e-mail or fax and ask them for a ( free ) Tourist Map of Tokyo. This map will help you to estimate distances within Tokyo.
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Sky Court 2007/9/14 00:04

I stayed at Sky Court, and it was only for 2 nights. I had to call down to the lobby to have someone change the shower curtain because it was more mildew than curtain. After that, it was okay. It is pretty close to Kaminarimon, but I remember the Ginza and Asakusa lines being about a 10 to 15 minute walk from the hotel. I would also suggest that you look for something a bit closer. Welcome Inns (itcj.jp.co) or Toyoko Inns. Maybe those?
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Good Rate 2007/9/15 10:45
Hi Case,
How can you get good rate at Sky Court Htl $ 288 for 4 night?
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Thanks everyone! 2007/9/15 12:06
Sorry for the late reply. First got to thank John,Chris,Peter, and aurora for all your help. Thanks John on the info about how long it will take for me going place to place. That really help me out. Chris I don't think I can bike for that long. Especially if I'm drunk. But I think I'll bike to Asakusa to Ueno with my girlfriend. So thanks for the info. Thanks Peter for the map info. I needed that. Aurora thanks for the hotel info. Man the bathroom curtain must of been bad huh. Well at least that was nice to hear that was your only problem with the hotel. So that was good to no. Well I did find another hotel in my price range in Ikebukuro. The hotel is called Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. Did anyone of you guys stayed there before? And is this a better place to stay? I'm either going to stay at sky court or sakura hotel. Please help me out. And thanks everyone.
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Hey Ben! 2007/9/15 12:19
Well i search through google and found one of those travel sites. I forgot what it was called. And i found a Semi Double room for $288 dollars for 4 nights. I think it was $71 a night for the semi double room. When i remember the site name i post up here. Sorry man.
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