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my Itinerary fist trip to Japan 2007/9/13 08:13
oct. 13 day 1 arrival
oct. 14 day 2 Tokyo (start 14 days JR pass)
oct. 15 day 3 (Tokyo)Nikko
oct. 16 day 4 (Tokyo)Kamakura
oct. 17 day 5 Tokyo
oct. 18 day 6 Takayama
oct. 19 day 7 Kanazawa
oct. 20 day 8 Kyoto
oct. 21 day 9 (kyoto)Nara
oct. 22 day 10 (Kyoto)Himeji
oct. 23 day 11 Kyoto-Hiroshima (early am)
oct. 24 day 12 Hiroshima
oct. 25 day 13 Tokyo
oct. 26 day 14 NARITA
oct. 27 DAY 15 departure.

... 2007/9/13 17:28
What is your question?
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first trip 2007/9/13 17:28
You did a great job in planning your trip!. looks great. It might be a bit hard on the body if you have a bit of a jet lag but definitely doable and you will have a great experience.
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Looks good 2007/9/14 00:30
NEWJERSEY, just so you know, there is an Autumn Festival in Nikko on October 17th. I went to the Spring Festival and really enjoyed it. Not sure if you care about events like that, but it's just an FYI, in case that you'd want to attend ans switch up your days.
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Nikko Festival 2007/9/14 03:42
Oooh I didnt know about the Nikko Festival on 18th Oct. Its my last full day In Japan & I may go if I am not too exhausted by then.
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Ooops 2007/9/14 03:45
Meant the 17th. Its been a long day :)
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Thanks 2007/9/15 06:33
Autumn Festival in Nikko on Dear Aurota, thanks for the info and I'd love to attend and enjoy the Festival in this wonderful city and season
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