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MP4 players 2007/9/13 13:46
hi just wondering what the price differences are for mp4 players in japan compared to in australia. Im heading over in a week and was thinking of getting one so just would like to know if its worth it
by Rory  

hmm 2007/9/13 14:44
there wasn't much difference in price of an ipod for example...but I did find they had a lot more generic brands on offer than we had here in Oz. Can't remember the price comparison's tho (cos I was really after a camera more than anything)

I actually ended up buying mine in HK.
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Which? 2007/9/13 16:45
Any particular ones?
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... 2007/9/13 17:27
Just for clarification, mp4 players play video as well as music.

A good reference is to compare ipod prices because they never go on sale.

current price for an ipod nano video starts at 17800 yen, ipod classic starts at 29800 yen. A sony NW-A808 is about 27500 yen, and a sansa 2gb about 20000 yen.
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..... 2007/9/14 11:33
no particular ones just want to know so i can buy one when im over there in a week and yes i am after a mp4 player (video and music). thanks for the replies keep em coming lol
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... 2007/9/14 13:28
I personally have the sony nw-a808 and I really like it. It is really small and has great battery life.

I have been thinking of getting the new ipod touch though as it looks really cool. I was playing with my friend's iphone the other day and it was really really cool. I'd get that if I were living in the US but since I'm not then it looks like the touch is the next best thing.

If you want something with removable memory then I would recommend the sansa as it takes microsd cards.

If you want a big screen then I would think about the archeos models or the ipod.
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