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Antihistamines 2007/9/14 09:44
Can anyone recommend an antihistamine tablet similar to benadryl. I'd prefer something nondrowsy.

It'd be even better if you've got links to pictures of the packages.

Thanks in advance.
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Same type drugs available here 2007/9/26 22:49
In Japan, benadryl is sold under the name gDREWELLh for sleep aid as an over-the-counter drug.

See: http://www.ssp.co.jp/drewell/index.html

But DREWELL is far more expensive than the other product available as an OTC containing the same effective ingredient – diphenhydramine, that is called gX^~h (perhaps pronounced gresutamineh - I couldnft find the English spelling).
The comparison of each manufacturefs list price:
DREWELL: 1,050/6 tablets (including tax), qt. of diphenhydramine – 25mg/tablet
X^~UR[: 998/75 tablets (including tax), qt. of diphenhydramine – 10mg/tablet

See the picture of gX^~h here:

Or you can get benadryl through any parallel importerfs online shopping site.

Incidentally, what youfd prefer something undrowsy sounds a bit strange as you want to get benadryl because this drug may cause drowsiness as one of adverse effects, which is just applied for indication of sleep aid in Japan and other countries. But it would be OK if you are not the type affected by the effect, anyway.

For your reference:
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... 2007/9/26 23:28
Thank you for the great information. I ended up getting a friend to help me at the drug store and they had 2 brands in stock. Both were old type antihistamines that make you drowsy, and I was told that they didn't have a nondrowsy type. Maybe it's just not common in Japan.

Anyway, I wanted nondrowsy because I got attacked by tons of mosquitos and was having a minor dust/cat allergic reaction. I was hoping to take a pill rather than sneeze all day and put muhi all over my body, but I don't want to fall asleep at work.

Interestingly, I am under the impression from your post that people take benedryl to fall asleep like a sleeping pill. Seems kinda like off label use of the drug and unnecessary as I've had no trouble finding sleeping pills at the drug store. Also quite a bit more expensive then sleeping pills. Is this common in Japan to take antihistamines to fall asleep?
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... 2007/9/26 23:33
I just looked at those links you posted and realized that one of the brands available locally was the pink one in the second link.

Also after reading the drugs.com page on benedryl I understand that it is used as the active ingredient in sleeping pills.

I guess benedryl is not what I was looking for afterall if I want a nondrowsy antihistamine.

Thanks again for the great info.
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. 2007/9/26 23:34
I take antihistamines to fall asleep or on the plane (or for motion sickness) (I'm an American). If you look at the chemical make up of Benadryl the chemicals are similar to sleeping medicine such as Dramamine. I'm pretty sure the Japanese would do something similar as well.
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. 2007/9/26 23:35
Ah you researched before I posted lol, I guess you see it now.
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To add 2007/9/27 00:38
In Japan, benadryl as an OTC has been approved only for indication of sleep aid.

If you want one of so-called the esecond-generation antihistaminef drugs that may cause less drowsiness than the first-generation ones including benadryl, there seems to be some OTC medicines to relieve allergic rhinitis or itching available here such as gRelease Tableth of Alfresa Pharma, gpu(pronounced epaburonf) AG or @JvZ(ebienf – erhinitisf capsule) Zh of Taisho Pharmaceutical, or gHigh-Guardh of Eisai. Anyway, I recommend you to consult a chemist in the drug store you would go to.
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... 2007/9/27 09:09
thank you mica, that was exactly what I was looking for.

actually, my allergies and ichiness have subsided, but I'll keep it in mind should I need them in the future.
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