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Traveling in December 2007/9/14 11:15
I am planning to travel to Japan in December for 2 weeks+ and I cannot make up my mind regarding where to go. I am currently considering north (Hokkaido) versus south (Osaka, Kyoto etc).

I don't know if Hokkaido will be a good idea in winter since it'll be pretty much the same scenery everywhere but it is a great time for onsen. As for the south, i guess the weather will be a lot better...

Please give me some idea as in how Japan is like in winter (Dec-Jan) and traveling in which part will be better (Can be areas other than Hokkaido and Kansai). Thanks a lot!
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Weather 2007/9/14 13:35
Did you think about typing your question in the window just above the list of questions? It is a frequently asked item! the site below will give you the info:
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... 2007/9/14 18:21
Indeed, the weather in Hokkaido is rather bad in December. Onsen and wintersports would be some of the few attractions justifying a trip, nevertheless.

The weather is considerably better in most of the rest of Japan:
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