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Travel Card -Tokyo subway. 2007/9/14 17:44
Tokyo 23-ku
I will be in Tokyo for a week is there any kind of card I can buy for subway travel. I am looking for a charge card (like the one that are there at Singapore and other countries)and not a pass.This will save me the hassle of buying tickets each time I commute.
by Vivek  

... 2007/9/14 18:26
In Tokyo, the card is called Suica or Pasmo. Here are all the details:
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Like "EZ card" 2007/9/14 19:45
Yes, you can consider that SUICA/PASMO is "EZ card" in Tokyo :)
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Thanks 2007/9/15 00:13
Thanks, i found the link very useful. Would you have any idea as to how the Limited Express Fee (Tokkyuken needs to be paid as I am planning to take Kesei line from Narita to Aoto. I am planning to buy a card- will this fee automatically get charged to the card or I would need to pay separately at a counter.
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. 2007/9/15 02:26
Paying a Limited Express fees or extra fees depends on the railway company, for example JR requires you to pay a Limited Express fee when riding limited express trains.

However if you were to ride the Keisei limited express, you pay no extra fee. You just pay the regular fare.

The only time you pay extra when riding on a Keisei train is for a seat reservation when riding on the Keisei Skyliner.

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airport tickets 2007/9/15 07:53
I used my Suica to buy a Keisei Skyliner ticket from the machine at Ueno station just a couple of weeks ago.

If you are buying the ticket at the airport, it's probably no easier to use your Suica/ Pasmo at that point, you usually buy the Skyliner ticket from the staff at the counter.
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Aoto Station 2007/9/15 08:05
Since you're riding the Limited Express to Aoto Station from Narita Airport, you aren't riding the Skyliner so you don't need any additional fares or seat reservation.

Only the early morning liner stops at Aoto Station, all other trains stopping at Aoto from Narita Airport do not require additional fees.
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