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Disneyland resort to Shinjuku 2007/9/14 22:48
I will be staying at Sheraton Grande Tyo Bay at Disneyland.Can anyone advise me the most convenient way to go from there to Shinjuku?I know u can take a train but the problem is that we have kids with us and few luggages.Is there a Limo bus that can take us from there to city?
by AD  

... 2007/9/15 11:18
AD, which hotel are you going to stay in Shinjuku?

And there's a bus service from Disneyland to Shinjuku (New South Exit) but buses do not run until 16:10 and are not so frequent.

If you worry about dragging luggage while taking care of your kids, you can send-forward it to the hotel in Shinjuku. Delivery is normally on the next day.
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... 2007/9/15 15:44
Here is the timetable for the direct buses mentioned by JLady:
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Delivery of luggage 2007/9/16 00:05
Thank you for your reply.So can i book for the delivery of luggage to my htl (Century southern) at Shinjuku in Sheraton Grande Tyo Bay Counter?How much do they charge?Is there a website for the service?Thks

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. 2007/9/16 01:59
Most hotels can arrange delivery service for you, remember most times it takes +1 day.

See this page:
Prices vary but its a good estimate.
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. 2007/9/16 14:04
Bring the name, address and phone number of the hotel in Shinjuku, preferably in both english and japanese.

Usually delivery is next day after 10am, pack a separate night bag. Go to the Sheraton Grande's hotel counter and ask them to send your luggage to the Shinjuku hotel for you. Hand them the contact information I mentioned above and they'll fill out the forms.

For a rough estimage, I sent 2 pieces of luggage from Odaiba to Shinjuku for about 1300yen per piece of luggage.
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