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Should I stay in Nishi-Ogikubo? 2007/9/15 05:21
Tokyo 23-ku
This is our first time to Japan. My boyfriend and I are in our mid twenties and want to check out Roppongi, and other cool areas of Tokyo. Is Nishi-Ogikubo too far away?
by Ivy  

... 2007/9/15 11:11
Ivy, Nishi-Ogikubo is a residential area in the west part of Tokyo. If you LIVE in, it's a nice area but not necessarily convenient for tourists. It takes 40 min from Nishi-Ogikubo to Roppongi by trains/subways.
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Nishi-ogi 2007/9/15 15:21
It's only about 15 mins from Shinjuku though. I used to live there- as J Lady says, it's a great place to live, and also only 2 mins by train from Kichijoji, which is an interesting area and has some nightlife, weird people, good park etc.

If you have free accommodation there, go for it, but if it is a hotel, you might be better off somewhere more central.
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Ochanomizu 2007/9/15 17:58
In Tokyo I stayed last time in Ochanomizu...its has some of Tokyo's cheapest, but most pleasant business hotels.

While its not so convineint for Roppongi, most of the key areas of Tokyo can be reached from there by Metro and JR line in a few minutes...Ueno, Ginza, Shinjuku...and Akihabara is only a short walk away.
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Thank you 2007/9/16 08:52
Thank you so much for your responses.

It is a one bedroom condo with a futon in the living room we would be paying $135 USD a night to stay in for the three of us (Me, my boyfriend, and our friend).

We all have never been to Tokyo before and want to check out the nightlife the condo seemed okay, but now I see that the last trains stop running pretty early, we like to stay out late.

Do you guys have any other suggestions of where we should stay? I am trying to figure it out buy looking at maps and train line, but I am really confused:(

We liked the idea of the condo since we would have a kitchen & washer & dryer, but we do not need them.

Thank you again.
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