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How the Japanese view Gwen Stefani? 2007/9/15 11:54
Gwen Stefani is very popular here in the US, and she also makes the whole Harajuku culture popular. But how do the Japanese people view her? Do they like her for embracing their culture? Or do they see her as fake?

I'm just curious because I don't see many Japanese people using her products.
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Gwen Stefani 2007/9/16 15:54
The majority of Japanese people would not have even heard of her or be aware that she has an interest in Harajuku fashion.

Various aspects of modern or traditional Japanese culture are popular overseas, i.e. food, anime, manga, interior design, Zen etc.- to many Japanese Gwen Stefani's promotion of the Harajuku girl phenomenon, if they knew about it, would just be another aspect of this.
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Gwen 2007/9/16 16:03
Most likely the average Japanese doesn't have a clue who she is.
her Harajuku girls have little to do with the ones in Japan. She only uses them in a somewhat demeaning way to make herself look like the great star that naive people like you think she is.
she does what a lot of foreigne artists and designers do to other cultures which is to appropriate a few things without understanding anything about the culture behind it. The Americans stereotypes about Japan, Italy, France, the U.K. etc .are just as wrong and silly as the stereotypes Japanese have about the USA, Italy, France, the U.K. etc .etc. and it is all due to people like Gwen, Sofia Coppola etc.
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Gwen Stefani 2007/9/17 10:49
Gwen is a fashion icon/trendsetter to a lot of young Japanese women and she`s appeared in music and fashion magazines like Blenda and Woofin` Girl. I think she`s more known for her style then music, but I`d often hear Hollaback Girl, Sweet Escape, and Rich Girl when I went clubbing. If people had issues with the "Harajuku" thing, they didn`t seem to talk about it much.
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She is too old....... 2007/9/17 12:26
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. 2007/9/17 12:40
I'm an American, I don't listen to Gwen Stefani to begin with, so I have no opinion.

Probably even fewer people listen to her in Japan, so again the average person probably doesn't know who she is, the people who listen to her probably like her because they listen to her, and then like in the USA there are media critics who might or might not like her.

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hmmm 2007/9/18 17:49
I heard one of the "harajuku" girls is Chinese. Real authentic!
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Harajuku Girls 2007/9/18 23:04
All of them are Japanese or Japanese-American.
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. 2007/9/19 03:38
No term corresponding to "Harajuku girl" is currently used in Japan for girls who frequent Harajuku (known as a center for teen and avant garde fashions; see Harajuku). The "Harajuku Girls" represent "Stefani's interpretation of Tokyo street fashion in the Harajuku district"

But again to the main point, what people think of her? You will get varying opinions just like you would for any celebrity. People who don't know, don't care, people who do know and like or dislike. Just like how it is back in the US or any other place.

There is no definate answer on how "japanese view her".
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??? 2007/9/19 09:16
Banna, how do you know all the "Harajuku girls" are Japanese or Japanese American? Have you spoken to them all individually? I often go past them on my way to Yoyogi Park and I don't see how you could possibly be sure that one or more of them isn't zainichi or even overseas born Korean or Chinese.

I also thought "Harajuku girls" referred to kids hanging out all over Harajuku, for example Takeshita dori and LaForet, not just the ones on the bridge in front of Meiji Shrine.
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banna 2007/9/19 09:20
Banna is referring to the girls who dance in Gwen Stefani's "harajuku girls" video who are all asian-looking. One poster said that one of them is Chinese, and then Banna said that they are all Japanese or Japanese-American. They are talking about Gwen Stefani's "harajuku girls" dancers, not the people who hang out in Yoyogi Park.
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. 2007/9/19 09:31
Sira they are talking about the Gwen Stefani Harajuku Girls, not the "real" girls in Harajuku.
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Answer straight from the horses mouth 2008/7/2 23:24

Meet Gwen's Dancers

News Ľ Posted: 10/1/2006 # |

Get to know Gwen's Dancers:

The Boys -

REMEDY: Remedy, grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, twenty miles south of Washington DC. He started dancing at seventeen and moved to New York City after graduating from high school. Remedyís break-through job came in the form of a popular holiday commercial for Target. Since then he has appeared in television and print ads for companies like the Gap, Apple Computers and T-mobile. Remedy has also worked with talented artists such as Mary J Blige, Sarah Jessica Parker, Wyclef Jean, and Ja Rule. After seven years in New York City, Remedy moved to Los Angeles. This move helped lead him to a job as one of Gwen Stefaniís dancers on the Harajuku Lovers Tour 2005.

FLEA: Born and raised near Miami, Florida, Flea began dancing at a young age. He found his true passion in hip hop and began B-Boying when he was 12. He started dancing in local stage shows at age 16. When Flea moved from Florida to Los Angeles his career immediately took off. He has been seen on the Latin Grammy Awards, the MTV Movie Awards and in numerous television commercials and music videos. He was also a featured performer with Rennie Harris PureMovement Tour. Fleaís biggest accomplishment to date was performing with Gwen Stefani as part of the Harajuku Lovers Tour 2005. His quote, ďStruggle is the essence of life,Ē encourages him to find peace, love and happiness.

LEGACY: Legacy was, born July 10th in Brooklyn, New York, and has now become one of the most well respected break dancers (B-Boys) in the entertainment industry. Known for his acrobatic movement and choreography, he is also distinguished for his individuality and drive. Legacyís first dance job was in 1998 at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum, which later led to a contract at Universal Studios, Florida. Working with Universal Studios, Legacy became very personable and developed great discipline. With only $240 in his pocket, Legacy and his best friend and business partner Flea, moved to L.A. in 2004. Legacy has worked his way up to performing with Gwen Stefani, dancing with an amazing crew.

STEELO: Steelo originally hails from the Bronx, New York. He lived in Puerto Rico throughout his teens and moved to Los Angeles in 2001. Steelo has been ďbreakingĒ for fourteen years, dancing professionally for eight years, modeling for six years and is currently pursuing an acting career. He has appeared in films like 2 Fast 2 Furious and in television performances for the Oprah Winfrey Show (featuring Madonna). He has performed in music videos by Missy Elliott and Britney Spears and has worked with artists like Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. Most recently, Steelo toured with Gwen Stefani as part of the Harajuku Lovers Tour 2005.

The Girls -

LOVE: Love, a native of Tokyo, Japan, began studying dancing when she was just five years old. At 21, Loveís ambition and dedication helped her land a position touring with Japanese Rock group Bíz. Soon after, she began appearing with other Japanese pop stars like Namie Amuro, Kumi Kouda and BOA. In 2003, she moved to Los Angeles to study dance and English. In 2004, Love landed a principle role as one of Gwen Stefaniís Harajuku Girls. She traveled with Ms. Stefani both internationally and domestically to promote the album ďLove. Angel. Music. Baby.Ē In 2005, Love toured the nation performing in sold out arenas as part of the Harajuku Lovers Tour.

ANGEL: Originally from Torrance CA, Angel took hip-hop dance classes at San Diego State University thinking it would be a fun hobby. There she found her passion for hip-hop dance, music, and culture. Since her graduation from SDSU, Angel has performed on various commercials and television shows. She has danced with artists like Missy Elliot, Christina Milian, Ricky Martin and of course Gwen Stefani, whom she danced and toured with as part of the Harajuku Girls.

MUSIC: Music grew up in Okinawa, Japan, with dreams of moving to America. Ever since she was a young girl, she loved dance and was inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and TLC. She taught herself how to dance by watching their videos and practicing in her house. Music moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to study in America and pursue her career as a dancer. She has toured with Britney Spears and was featured in music videos by Missy Elliot and Marques Houston. Most recently, Music has traveled the world as one of Gwen Stefaniís Harajuku Girls and was a featured performer on the Harajuku Lovers Tour 2005.

BABY: Baby grew up in Osaka, Japan, where she began dancing informally at quite a young age. She moved to Los Angeles in May of 2004 and booked her first job in America as one of Gwen Stefaniís Harajuku Girls. Baby has contributed to various projects including music videos, commercials, photo shoots and live performances. She was also a featured performer on Gwen Stefaniís Harajuku Lovers Tour 2005.
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No 2011/1/18 09:23
I am japanese from japan and me and my friends don't like her! She is not correct! She group all japan fashion styles as 1 in her Harajuku girls thing. like she call 5 different styles of japanese fashion as 1! she need do to research!

PS: So sorry for me bad english (its embarrasing!)
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