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Any furisode-style yukatas? 2007/9/16 19:47
I'll be in Japan next month and I'd like to pick up a kimono/yukata for a friend.

I really like the furisode style but the prices seem really high.. do yukatas come with the furisode-styled sleeves?

Anyway I know department stores all over Tokyo will sell yukatas, but are there any speciality stores that you would recommend I check out?
by Saus  

... 2007/9/16 22:10
If you mean the extra-long sleeves of Furisode, I must say, that style IS what makes Furisode Furisode, so you will not find that style in the more casual Yukata. Furisode are expensive, and being silk they are difficult to care for... go for a Yukata if you are buying it for a friend.

Another thing... if you are looking for Yukata next month, be sure to visit the higher floors of department stores (where they have traditional wear) or tourist shopping areas (souvenir shops), because summer is the season when you see Yukata sold all over town (in the young fashion apparel section of department stores and casual clothing stores too), but maybe far less in October.
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... 2007/9/16 22:27
To find Yukata in October is not easy as AK mentioned. I suggest you to visit recycled (second-hand) kimono shops. For example, TANSUYA has just started selling "Kimono Debut set" for 19800yen, which includes Kimono, Naga-juban (undergarment), Obi(sash), Zori(sandle) and other accessories. See the picture:
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wow 2007/9/17 00:14
Thanks for the help.

Are the uniqlo yukatas any good? They're rather inexpensive.

Anyway I was wondering what the price range of furisodes are like.
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yukata 2007/9/17 09:02
Uniqlo yukatas are fine, but not in the stores at this time of year. I was in Uniqlo on the weekend and can tell you this for sure. You see them in stores from about June to early August only.
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... 2007/9/17 09:12
The Uniqlo in the terminal 1 building of Narita Airport seems to stock yukata around the year.
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... 2007/9/17 09:18
Furisode is something you wear... maybe once or twice in your lifetime, so Japanese people would often "rent" the whole kit for a special day - Coming-of-Age Day, or graduation ceremony. And officially it's supposed to be worn only by unmarried women, so the number of times you wear it would be extremely limited. Rental furisode for one day would be 30,000 - 80,000 yen or so, with all the sash and other belt and everything, if that gives you any idea about the price for buying one :) I think the furisode alone (meaning without the sash etc.) would cost 200,000 at least, up to .... no limit.

Uniqlo ones are not in the shops anymore, as Sira mentioned.
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... 2007/9/17 10:32
And Furisode is a kimono for unmarried women. Once you get married, you can no longer wear Furisode. That's another reason why many people rent it instead of buying it.
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furisode 2007/9/23 20:58
I thought of checking out the harajuku flea market on sunday for second hand kimonos or yutakas. Does anyone know what the price range can be like for second -hand?

And how are kimonos sized anyway? Japan sizes run small, right?
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Yukatas for rent? 2008/6/28 15:49
Hi, i'll be going to Japan at the end of July and i am wondering where can i buy or rent yukatas? I'll probably be wearing the yukata only once for an event i'm attending so i thought it will be more practical if i can rent one. If not, where can i find a 2nd hand one? Thanks!
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renting? 2008/6/30 00:28
I don't think that you can rent a yukata as it is an inexpensive, very casual type of clothing, especially compared to a kimono.
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