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Where is Book Off? 2007/9/16 20:59
I'll be in Tokyo and would like to know where the branches of Book Off are. Their website only has Japanese maps. Are there any english maps?
by Saus  

... 2007/9/16 22:40
Saus, there're many Book Off in Tokyo. Which area/station are you looking for?
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Where 2007/9/17 00:12
I will be in a number of locations.

I'm staying at Toyoko Inn Kabukicho.

I'll be visiting AKihabara, Kanda and Shibuya/harajuku. Probably Ikebukuro as well, and maybe odaiba.

Where are the branches in these areas?
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... 2007/9/17 09:22
The Vhꋴʂ store is just a short walk from the Toyoko Inn Kabukicho:

There is also a Harajuku store:

No stores close to Shibuya, Akihabara, Kanda or Ikebukuro Stations. No store on Odaiba.
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thanks 2007/9/17 11:56
thank you uji!
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shinjyuku 2007/9/17 20:08
Sorry Uji.. I still can't understand the Shinjuku map. The Book off is in West Shinjuku, but which street is it on?
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... 2007/9/17 21:37
S indicates the hotel
G the Book Off store:
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