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Kyoto weather in 3 weeks 2007/9/17 05:36
Kyoto City
I'll be in Kyoto in three weeks. Can someone give me an idea of the daytime temperatures please? It seems to be a bit warmer than most of the weather sites tell us? Thanks!
by Brad  

... 2007/9/17 11:36
The typical average daytime high temperatures for early October in Kyoto are around 24 degrees. Nighttime lows around 15 degrees.

It is usual for the temperatures to fluctuate by around +/- 5 degrees from these average values.

The time of the year sees about 50-60% sunny days and 25-30% rainy days in Kyoto.
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Hotter or Cooler in Tokyo 2007/9/17 11:40
Thanks Uji. I've also read where Kyoto can be warmer than Tokyo, but the weather reports don't seem to indicate this. Is Tokyo usually cooler than Kyoto?
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... 2007/9/17 12:18
It is often said that Kyoto is hotter in summer and colder in winter.

Looking at the weather statistics, this can actually be confirmed, but the difference is very small.

Below are the average daytime highs temperatures:


January Tokyo: 9.8 degrees
January Kyoto: 8.9 degrees

August Tokyo: 30.8 degrees
August Kyoto: 32.9 degrees


January Tokyo: 10.9 degrees
January Kyoto: 10.6 degrees

August Tokyo: 33.0 degrees
August Kyoto: 34.6 degrees
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