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where to buy art supplies? 2007/9/17 19:55
I want to buy art supplies in japan... I need the classical g-pen, maru-pen, pen nibs, black ink...

I've finded some sites but only in japanese...and I dont understand japanese...

Do you know a website where i can buy in english with international shipping???
please, tell me

by mangaware  

Art Supplies 2007/9/17 22:23
Are you looking for manga supplies or general art supplies? If you want manga supplies their are some stores in the states that import and distribute supplies. Try:


How to Draw Manga:


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Manga stuff 2007/9/17 22:40

When you are in Tokyo: ITO-YA in Ginza ( near Matsuya Department store , the e-shop is in Japanse only. But in the shop they have staff understanding English and when you know the Japanese expression of the stuff that is enough what you need to say. ( And G-pen is G-pen in Japanese, too )
e-shop: http://itoya-store.jp/store/Top.do
But I read your question as if you are not in Japan? In which country to you want to buy. One onlineshop might be: http://www.polykarbon.com/Store/index.htm#

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I'am outside 2007/9/18 01:15
Yes, i'm out of Japan, but i see the prices in Japan are lower than in others countries...

in http://store.yahoo.co.jp/yumegazai/se-3411005.html

pens are cheaper (50%) and normaly the post cost is cheaper too...

I need japanese website in english...
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