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Melon Soda 2007/9/17 21:03
Is melon soda ONLY sold at restaurants? I'm addicted to it and would like to buy it by the case! But, I've looked at lots of grocery stores here in Japan and nothing. Any ideas? Thanks.
by ahayes  

try a liquor store 2007/9/18 09:44
Try a liquor store - they usually have drinks (like yummy ginger ale in bottles!) which aren't normally sold in grocery stores. And they also sell things by the case. You can buy a case of glass bottles and then return them to the store when you want to buy a new case. Some places also deliver.
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Convenience stores? 2007/9/18 09:51
i did grab 1 when i was in am-pm couple of months back on my holiday.

I love the one from MOS burger *slurp*
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... 2007/9/18 15:49
Melon Soda can be made easily at home. Add soda water to melon-flavored "Kakigoori (shaved ice)" syrup!
Kakigoori syrup is sold at super markets.
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Melon soda 2007/9/18 16:22

You can get melon soda at just about any supermarket or convenience store around these parts.
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melon soda 2008/9/8 17:05
I've managed to get melon soda at 7/11 in my town in chiba pref
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try 100yen shops! 2008/9/8 20:32
I have seen it occassionally in 100yen shops... although not the Fanta melon soda (which is at Mos burger, and most of the fast food places)
good luck!
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fanta 2008/9/9 07:24
If you are in Japan, Fanta probably makes it.
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7/11 & Vending Machines 2008/10/22 01:33
They sell Melon Fanta at the 7/11just north of the Nippori train station!

Also, it is available in some vending machines - usually the ones that sell drinks in cups.

Have not been able to find a place to order it online from the US. Will try the homemade version soon.

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Melon 2010/2/6 12:47
i am an american and i spent 2.5 weeks in japan a few years ago... i got completely addicted to melon soda while i was there... fanta does make it as does a few other companies... Wandering around the country (chiba, ohara-isumi, osaka, kyoto, heroshima) i could find it in vending machines almost every city i visited... i didn't really ever see it in 7/11 though... again this was a couple years ago lol.

If anybody knows how i can get my hands on it over here in america I would absolutely love you.
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UCC Melon Cream Soda 2010/2/6 14:27
I just enjoyed it and have an empty can next to me. I drink regularly & sometime buy a case of UCC Ueshima's Melon Creamy Soda in aluminum can bottle(16.5 oz,490ml). Any Japanese supermarket has them, i.e. in SF area for about US$1.50. I also have a Ramune in the same size but cheaper(US$1.30)in my frige. The glass bottled ramune has very little liquid so I don't buy it.
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make it at home 2010/2/6 22:46
it's interesting you are fond of melon soda.
I wikipediaed and found you can make it at home, with Melon taste of Kakigo-ri syrup and soda.
have a try :)
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