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Ryokan or Hotels in Kyoto? 2007/9/18 06:16
Kyoto City
Hi all, I know a couple who will be going to Kyoto in December. They've already booked their flight and this is the only time they can go.

Might anyone recommend some not-too-expensive hotels or ryokan conveniently located near JR stations? They mentioned to me that they wanted to stay in a japanese-style hotel, but it must have a western style toilet.

I'm more familiar with setting them up in the Tokyo area, but have never stayed in Kyoto myself for a night or two.


by peanut  

Kikokuso 2007/9/18 12:01
peanut, as you didn't propose the budget, I'll post 1 ryokan in a walking distance from JR station. It's near Shoseien garden (belongs to Higashi Honganji temple) and about 10 min walk from the station. (English website suggests taking a taxi but it is easy accessed on foot if you travel light)

15000-30000 per person night (with dinner and breakfast)
10000-12000 ppn (with breakfast only)
Rooms with private toilet available and you can use communal path as "Kashikiri."

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correction 2007/9/18 12:02
communal BATH, I mean.
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Ryokan Kyoto 2007/9/18 14:58
The Hatoya is walking distance from JR Kyoto station, offers Japanese style room and Japanese meals. Room is with westernstyle bathroom. Plus ryokan has communal Japanese style ofuro.
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Thank you! 2007/9/19 01:20
JLady, Peter: Thank You! You said that they can use a communal bath. Do the ryokans have a personal shower as well instead?
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. 2007/9/19 11:44

they have a room with private loo/shower facilities

slightly further away but my friend loves this place very much, plus the price is really good.
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... 2007/9/19 13:23
Only 1 room in Kikokuso has private bathroom/toilet.

I wonder if you know their price range. Then, it would be easier for us to help you.
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Hatoya 2007/9/19 15:29
at Hatoya the Japanese style room has its own individual (small) bathroom with bathtube, toilet, basin. In addition there are two communal Japanse bath ( one male / one female ) so you can enjoy the Japanese traditional bath of taking a bath, too.
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JLady, etc. 2007/9/20 04:13
JLady: It looks like their budget for hotels would be around "$100-$125/night if at all possible".

Amelia: Thank you :) I'll put those in my list of links to research.

Peter: They would prefer to have personal showers, but thanks so much for the info. Is the Hatoya you mention this link below??

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Hotel near JR Kyoto Station 2007/9/20 05:48
Try this one. I just booked this Inn/Hotel on my trip to Kyoto. Cost 14,175 for triple room with private shower. So must be cheaper for double room. Check this out. http://www.hotel-iida.co.jp/e-menu.html Just 3 mins walking distance from JR Kyoto Station
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shower in hotel room 2007/9/20 14:35
The traditional Japanese prefers to take a hot bath in the evening and not a shower, so all accomodation offering en-suite bathroom has a ( at least small) , deep bathtube, of course can be used as shower basin, too. The fittings are both faucet for the tube and showerhead to be used if you want to take a shower. But I agree if your client is slightly elder or handicapped it can be difficult to enter the tube/shower combination, it is not as comfortably to enter as a western shower.
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Hatoya 2007/9/20 14:38
Your second question: Yes this is the English language link.
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