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Naruto episodes 2007/9/19 05:06
how many naruto episodes have been released in japan. because i know that there are lots of them out. because one of my friends has seen most of them and i cant wait because europe is too late in releasing things. so how many episodes have been released. and is there a japanese website i could watch it. cos i under stand a bit of japanese
by Skremz  

Yeah, i know 2007/9/28 06:19
Actually, theres a whole new season in japanese!

There are 220 episodes in Naruto and 29 so far in Naruto: Shippuuden (shippuuden is 3 years later) Technically its 140 episodes in Naruto because about 80 of them are fillers.

You can watch it on Youtube or Veoh or any other site for free in japanese with english subtitles. In north america here, were at episode 104 so i dont know about Europe.
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Woop. 2007/9/29 06:03
I'm not sure how well it will stream on your PC, but I've found the whole 220 episodes of Naruto on the following link. It doesn't work very well on my puter but then again, my PC is slightly crappy.

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there r more 2007/9/30 04:11
im saying that there are like 300 episodes in japan. and not in uk. cos in japan they are like way ahead of england. and they make it seem that its just little by little it comes out in england. but some 1 from japan should needs to answer me cos dont get it twisted ill fly to japan just to watch Naruto
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How? 2008/7/30 06:27
I have only seen 287 episodes of naruto. If there is 300 episodes out there how do i get th others?
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Yeah! 2008/7/30 06:31
Yeah! where are they cause i want see them I've been all over the net and the highest episode i have in 287. Where are the other episodes?
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try 2008/7/30 06:54
www.megavideo.com and search for all things naruto.
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