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Factory visit in japan. Any suggestion? 2007/9/19 13:33
I am a robotic student from Malaysia. My class are organizing a study visit to the factories in Japan regarding to our coursework which is related to robotic and automation. If there are any suggestions on to which companies we should visit and how to contact them.Can you please reply this msg.
by Nazliah  

Toyota factory 2007/9/19 22:49
Toyota factory is open to public with English speaking guide, do a search will get you the information.
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Factory visits 2007/9/19 22:54
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kokoman 2007/9/20 03:25
there's also a soy sauce factory near Tokyo. I think it is kikoman and they give you free samples.

real neat
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Maybe.... 2007/9/20 09:03
Matsushita Kotobuki, better known by its brandname Panasonic might be a good idea? I know that you can visit their factories here on Shikoku (at least for the one in Toon-shi - in Japanese s). If I can help you, please let me know! I have contacts to this place.

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Can i contact the toyota thru email?? 2007/9/22 14:03
Dear Jp,

thanks for your reply.i have already open the toyota web site. but it seem to me that i need to contact them first thru the telephone.do you have any idea how i could contact them thru email?? seem it is much cheaper.
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Matsushita Kotobuki 2007/9/22 14:14
Dear klaus D. Orth,

thanks a lot for replying my msg. Yes, panasonic are a well known company in malaysia. What do you mean by 'at least for the one in toon-shi- in Japanese'? do you mean they do not provide tour in english?? and yes please, can you give me any information how to contact them. thank you for helping me.
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... 2007/9/22 19:40
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