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Only 2 days in Hokkaido 2007/9/20 13:42
Dear all,

If I can only spend two days in Hokkaido (Middle Oct), where should I visit?

Thanks a lot
by Joseph  

Flying in or taking the train? 2007/9/21 06:54
If you're flying into Sapporo, just check out Sapporo for a day and Otaru for a day. If you're taking the train in, just stop in Hakodate for two days. Otaru has some historical stuff out in Shukutsu as well as a lot of Meiji period buildings and museums down by the waterfront.
Hakodate has good seafood, an interesting market area, a foreign settlement, the site of the last battle of the Meiji Restoration (Goryokaku), and a night view over the city from the old volcano to the south.
Sapporo has good views from Mt. Moiwa and a better night life than either in Susukino, so it depends on what interests you. 2 days isn't much time for the whole island.
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... 2007/9/21 13:48
I second Anaguma's suggestions. Here are more details on all the mentioned places and more:
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Thanks Anaguma and Uji 2007/9/21 16:19
I am thinking take the train there from Tokyo(hopefully I will see some interesting things along the way, will I?) and take the flight back. I totally agree with you that two days are too little time. But this is the first time I will visit Japan (two weeks) and I want to get a flavor for everywhere first (e.g., Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone, Nara, kyoto...), is this a good idea or I should concentrate on one area?

Thanks again
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Train from where? 2007/9/26 05:26
It takes about 10 hours for Shinkansen and Express from Tokyo to Sapporo, but only 6 hours and 15 minutes to Hakodate. If you want to save time, you might take a sleeper train such as the Cassiopeia or Hokutosei. The Cassiopeia costs an extra Y19,000 with a JR Pass and the Hokutosei costs an extra Y12,000, plus express fees.


If you plan to use a JR Pass to see all of Japan, why not fly into Sapporo. You can usually add it to your international ticket for an extra $50 US. You can then make your way southward without any backtracking, end up in Kyushu, and fly back to Narita from Fukuoka. It would be an "open jaw ticket going
JR Pass to Kyushu

Here's an itinerary that sort of does the whole country. You can add variations.
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