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gundam shop 2007/9/20 15:49
Osaka City
i go to osaka & i want to buy gandum model but i don't know where shop in osaka. this first time i go to osaka please help me. thank
by gundam boy  

. 2007/9/21 09:27
prob can try den den town in Minami area.
by Amelia rate this post as useful

kyoto gundam 2007/9/21 10:55
The search function must be down. Please see the previous thread of:

by .. rate this post as useful

go to den den town. 2007/9/21 17:33
i actually went there and there are so many pramodel and figure shops. They actually even have Osaka Gundam shop...official gundam shop!
by josh rate this post as useful

So... 2007/9/21 19:31
What's a gundam gandum then???
by Connie Chiwa rate this post as useful

Gundam 2007/9/22 03:21
Oh my! Minus several million otaku points :)

Gundam is a huge, long running anime/manga franchise. Starting in the late 1970s with new installments still being release. Info on wikipedia at:
by Stan Cox rate this post as useful

My son is a huge Gundam fan 2007/9/22 17:58
I know we could find gundams at any departo but what is THE best place with the widest selection in Tokyo ? We'll be staying in Akasaka and plan on taking my son there as a birthday surprise so would appreciate any info.
by mthk rate this post as useful

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