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From Shibuya to Edo Mura 2007/9/20 21:32
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi All,

Can someone help suggesting the easiest route to take (including bus/train number and name) from Shibuya station to Edo Mura and the Tobu world square? I am traveling there in October, and will be living by Shibuya


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Edo Mura 2007/9/21 05:57
check: www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+19847 or google Edo Mura. you have to go to Nikko, either by JR (from Ueno) or a private railway (Tobu) from Asakusa. once in Nikko take a bus to Edo Mura. not that difficult. finding "how to do or go" is so much more fun than having others telling you what to do!.
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... 2007/9/21 13:58
1) Take the Ginza Subway Line from Shibuya to Asakusa
2) Take the Tobu Railways to Kinugawa Onsen
3) Take a bus from Kinugawa Onsen to the theme parks.

Time schedules:
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Train 2007/9/21 16:53
There is a direct train to Kinugawa Onsen from Shinjuku (a couple of stops from shibuya). It is probably the most expensive but quickest option. It only runs a few times a day.
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Thanks 2007/9/21 19:22
Thanks all.

How much and how long will the direct bus from Shinjuku cost? And how do I get on it?

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train from shinjuku 2007/9/22 01:23
The JR Tobu Nikko Kinugawa Free Kippu is a rail pass jointly offered by Japan Railways (JR) and Tobu Railways for visiting Nikko from Tokyo. The pass includes a round trip to Nikko by limited express from Shinjuku and unlimited travel on buses in the Nikko and Kinugawa area. The pass is valid on three consecutive days.
JR Tobu Nikko Kinugawa Free Kippu
From Central Tokyo 7800 Yen
Round trip:
1) The round trip is to be done by a limited express train between Shinjuku and Tobu-Nikko/Kinugawa.
2) It is not possible to get off at stations between your departure station and the free area.
Free Area:
1) Unlimited use of Tobu buses from Nikko Station to Lake Chuzenji and the Kirifuri Heights, and from Kinugawa Onsen Station to the area's various theme parks.
2) Unlimited use of non-express Tobu trains between Tobu-Nikko, Shimo-Imaichi and Shin-Fujiwara Stations.

Other Conditions:
1) The pass is valid on up to three consecutive calendar days.
2) The pass qualifies holders to discounts at selected tourist facilities and souvenir shops.

Points of Sale
At the ticket counters of JR railway stations in greater Tokyo and at major travel agencies in Japan, including Tobu Travel.
"The JR Tobu Nikko Kinugawa Free Kippu is a good deal for those travelers wishing to access Nikko by the direct limited express train from Tokyo's Shinjuku Station, because the round trip by regular tickets alone costs about the same as the Free Kippu."

Alternative Tickets

Tobu Railways offers various free passes for access to Nikko from Tokyo's Asakusa Station. These passes are considerably cheaper than the JR Tobu Nikko Kinugawa Free Kippu, because they are valid on rapid trains rather than limited express trains.
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Thanks Julia 2007/9/22 02:23
Thanks Julia,

I don't suppose my JR Rail pass is eligible for this?

How long will it take to travel on this limited express?

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. 2007/9/22 02:45
All that information was taken from here:'

Read it and see what is good for you.

Its probably cheaper for you since you have JR Pass to use the Shinkansen option + transfer at Utsunomiya to the Nikko line to Nikko, then when you get to Nikko to get to Kinugawa onsen, backtrack via Tobu railways.

I think you can use the Joint JR Tobu Railways train with your JR Pass, however you have to pay the suppliment fare (not sure how much it is) for when the train runs on Tobu Railway tracks. The fare is probably cheaper if you went to JR Nikko (again using the Shinkansen option+local transfer), walked to Tobu Nikko train station and backtracked using Tobu Trains.
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JR pass / kinugawa onsen 2007/9/22 05:58
From Wikitravel:
New limited express train service operated by both JR and Tobu began in March of 2006, offering three daily services in each direction between Kinugawa-Onsen and Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Omiya.

The trains, called the Kinugawa and Spacia Kinugawa, depart from Shinjuku station at 10:35, 13:05 and 17:35. Return service departs Kinugawa-Onsen at 8:13, 10:36 and 15:03.

In additon, a limited express train departs from Shinjuku at 7:12 for Nikko. You can transfer from this train at Shimo-Imaichi (s) for a shuttle train service to Kinugawa. The last service to Shinjuku departs Kinugawa-Onsen at 16:24 (Shuttle train connecting at Shimo-Imaichi to the limited express).

Seat reservations are mandatory, and the one-way fare between Shinjuku and Kinugawa-Onsen is 3900. If you plan to use this train in both directions, you should purchase a JR Tobu Nikko Kinugawa Free Pass for 6800, which includes one round-trip on the limited express and unlimited usage of local Tobu trains and buses in both the Kinugawa and Nikko areas within a three day period.

Japan Rail Pass holders can use the new limited express service for 1560 each way (covering the portion of the trip between Kurihashi and Kinugawa-Onsen). The Japan Rail Pass does not cover Tobu trains or buses, so you will have to pay separate fares for those services.

[edit] By JR
You can alternatively take the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Utsunomiya, change to the JR Nikko line for Imaichi, and then change again to the Tobu line for the final leg, but this is unlikely to be worth the hassle even if you have the Japan Rail Pass.

I think the prices may be a little out of date?
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