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Mt Fuji viewable from Shinkansen, where? 2007/9/21 07:15
I am doing a short stayover in Tokyo. If I take a Shinkansen train to either a station where Mt Fuji is visible, or to a station to where Mt Fuji is visible from the Shinkansen, to what station must I travel?

Thank you
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... 2007/9/23 10:29
The best views from teh train can be enjoyed from around Shin-Fuji Station, 40-45 minutes west of Tokyo Station. But visibility needs to be good.
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. 2007/9/23 10:32
To mention it'll have to be a clear day. On a clear day you can see fuji from Tokyo, of course it will be at a distance.

Alternately, I've seen Fuji on the Odakyu line going to Hakone and from Hakone. Certainly cheaper then riding the Shinkansen from Tokyo past Shin Fuji Station. Again with no overcast skies.
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which side 2007/9/23 15:49
Going from Tokyo to Osaka you need to be on the right side of the train to get a good view. Heading north you would need to sit on the left.
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Fuji from the cities 2007/9/24 01:46
During October to February, you get a pretty good chance of viewing Fuji from a lot of places, since the weather is dry and therefore the air tends to be clear. Even if you ride the fastest trains on the Shinkansen, you can enjoy the view for a whole minute or so. Coming from Tokyo area, you will start getting a great view of the ocean on your left, and as that ends you start seeing the huge mountain on your right.

During the other seasons, you hardly get to see Fuji even from the Shinkansen.

However, around sunset, you can often see a beautiful silhouette of Fuji from various parts of Southern Tokyo or Yokohama area almost throughout the year. A view of the sun setting behind skyscrapers with the mountain range and Fuji in the middle can be pretty nice.
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