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Kochi to Akihabara 2007/9/22 13:15
Kochi City
Q:How far/long does it take from Kochi to Akihabara


I am planning to visit Japan during December for at least a week, and I would like to visit both Kochi and Akihabara but I don't know how far are they apart and how to plan to visiting both so, can anyone give me some advice? Thanks You.
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... 2007/9/23 12:25
A flight from Tokyo's Handea Airport to Kochi Airport takes 80 minutes. Airport access from Akihabara takes another 45 minutes. And airport access from central Kochi to Kochi Airport takes 40 minutes.

That is a total of about 3.5 hours from Akihabara to central Kochi.
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any cheaper approach? 2007/9/23 20:00
Is there any cheaper approach like with trains or how is the trip from Kochi to Akihabara with trains? Thank You for your previous reply.
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Kochi-Akihabara 2007/9/23 20:43
By train from Kochi to Akihabara would take approx 8 hours
and cost 18000 yen
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. 2007/9/24 03:52
Kochi to Okayama
Limited Express "Nanpu"
2.5 hr.

Okayama to Tokyo
Shinkansen "Nozomi"
3.5 hr.

Tokyo to Akihabara
Yamanote Line
4 min.
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. 2007/9/24 04:06
By plane is faster, if you look at the prices of planes vs. trains, by train it is about 20,000yen. ANA Flights from Kochi to Tokyo Haneda has prices around 15,000yen - 30,000 yen. Depending on when you book.

If you are visiting maybe you should invest in a Air Pass of sorts:

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... 2007/9/24 08:37
As suggested by John, flying is probably also among the cheapest options to go to Kochi. The regular one way fare is around 29,000 Yen, but discount tickets are typically available from around 13,000 Yen (e.g. if you book at least 28 days in advance). Some of the discounts may not be available after around December 22 because it is peak travel season.

Among the discount air options are also the air passes:

Another option would be an overnight bus, which costs 12,500 Yen one way.
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Check out "welcome to Japan" tickets 2007/9/24 14:33
You can add JAL's "Yokoso Japan" tickets or ANA's "Welcome to Japan" flights for Y12,000 per leg up to 5 legs when purchased with your international ticket. Yokoso Japan has to be linked to a JAL Int'l ticket but ANA's can be part of its 1-World alliance. You just have to arrange the flights before you leave, assuming you're arriving from out-country.
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