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what clothes to bring. 2007/9/22 20:33
Fukuoka City
i'll be in fukuoka by the last week of october to first week of november.. what clothes would i bring? how cold will it be there?
by sally january  

... 2007/9/23 12:31
The average daytime high temperatures for Fukuoka in early November are around 20 degrees. Average nighttime lows around 12 degrees. Actual temperatures typically vary by +/- 5 degrees from the average values.
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clothes 2007/9/23 16:12
wearing several layers of thin clothes is very practical. easier to pack too i na suitcase.
it is also easier to pack 2 thin sweaters or shirts in a backpack during the day than a bulky one. try to have a relatively thin but waterproof /windproof jacket going to mid-thigh in case you have chilly or wet days or evenings.
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hot! 2007/10/23 10:39
I was hot as being in a sauna/steam room when I went to Hakata late September. I needed my bikini to walk around.

Bring light clothes as well as med weight clothes. I think it was hot and humid in Hakata all year round.

Kagoshima is super hot too.
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Not in winter 2007/10/23 14:17
It is not hot and humid in either Hakata or Kagoshima all year round- they actually get snow there some years.

It was also still very hot and humid in early September in Tokyo but it isn't now, and it will be cooler by early November- bring a warm jacket, seriously.
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